PCB Fabrication

To make the circuit board better, we need to set clear goals

by:A-TECH      2021-03-18
When making a PCB circuit board, everyone and every circuit board manufacturer wants to be better, so if you want to make the circuit board better, you need to determine a clear goal: when doing a task, we have to clarify his design The target is ordinary PCB board, high frequency PCB board, small signal processing PCB board, or PCB board with both high frequency and small signal processing. If it is an ordinary PCB board, as long as the layout and wiring are reasonable and tidy, and the mechanical dimensions are accurate; if there are medium load lines and long lines, certain methods must be used to deal with them to reduce the load. Long line reflection When there are signal lines exceeding 40MHz on the board, special consideration should be given to these signal lines.
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