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tips for outsourcing pcb assembly and prototype manufacturing

by:A-TECH      2020-02-29
If you just want to rotate some prototypes, but outsource PCB assembly and prototype manufacturing to reliable suppliers, it usually doesn\'t make sense to invest in expensive production equipment.
I will give some advice on what to pay attention to when looking for a contract manufacturer.
Many contract manufacturers will provide on their website an instant quotation mechanism for making boards and assembling prototypes.
This will save you time when comparing different suppliers.
Make sure the quotation system allows you to enter all details such as sheet, thickness, copper thickness, milling, etc.
This way you can get an accurate quote without any surprises in the future.
Usually, the cost per board is reduced as the quantity increases.
This is due to the considerable installation cost of board manufacturing and assembly.
Some vendors will use a system that will combine boards from several customers.
In this way, the setup cost will be allocated among several customers.
When you make a product, you obviously don\'t want to make a lot of plates right away while improving the design.
A small limit
However, the choice of quantity prototypes as material and material thickness will be limited.
If you are using special materials, it is likely that no other customer will use the same material.
In addition, the lead time plays a great role in determining costs.
The longer lead time allows manufacturers to have more freedom when slotting production.
This is usually reflected in the lower cost you will see in the quote section.
Obviously you need to spend more money if you are in a hurry and want to move to the top floor.
Make sure your contract manufacturer supports the manufacturing file format you provide.
The most common format for PCB manufacturing is the Gerber format, but some vendors will also accept board files for common PCB software products.
Some suppliers also offer-
PCB design.
Even if you design your motherboard yourself, it may be useful to pick a vendor with design services if there is a problem with your file.
In this case, your supplier can make quick changes to avoid expensive delays.
When subcontracting PCB components, make sure your supplier can assemble all the packaging types your board uses.
Some suppliers cannot assemble certain types of IC packages, such as BGA, chip-
Extension package or very small component type.
If you have any questions, be sure to contact your supplier in advance.
Some contract manufacturers will stock standard SMT and pass-through-Hole Assembly.
If you can extract from the vendor\'s inventory instead of buying each component yourself, you will save time.
Make sure to specify which components you want to delegate yourself when uploading a bill of materials.
Most suppliers will also provide manufacturing of SMT templates required for PCB assembly.
When ordering a board, be sure to order the template immediately to avoid delays.
To ensure that the board is working properly, please ensure that your supplier is quality certified and provide the required test and board inspection methods.
Note, however, that some tests, such as ICT tests, require additional time and cost to prepare the appropriate test fixture.
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