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This article about the etching device design circuit board processing industry system

by:A-TECH      2020-05-17
The name of the circuit board are: circuit boards, PCB board, aluminum board, high-frequency boards, PCB, ultrathin circuit board, ultrathin circuit boards, printing ( Copper etching technology) Circuit boards, etc. Circuit board making mini circuit, intuitive, for fixed batch production and optimization of the circuit with electrical layout plays an important role. 'Packaging' this STEP by the emphasis in the PCB factory, usually less than process of each STEP, the main reason, on the one hand, of course, because it did not produce additional value, the second aspect is manufacturing in Taiwan for a long time, don't pay attention to the packing of the products, can bring to evaluation the benefit that Japan do well. Careful observation Japan some household electronics, daily necessities, food, etc. , even the same function, can let people would rather spend more money to buy goods, Japan it has nothing to do and worship to flatter, but to master the consumer mentality. So special packing to explore, to let the PCB industry know little improvement, there may be a big success. Domestic research on printed circuit board processing of automatic detection system began in the 90 s brought about, still just getting started. At present, scientific research institutes engaged in research on this aspect is less, but also because of the influence of various factors, automatic optical inspection system for printed circuit board processing defects research also stays at a relatively early levels. Because of foreign printing circuit board processing of automatic detection system is too expensive, and did not develop domestic PCB automatic testing equipment on real significance, so most of the domestic circuit board processing manufacturers still use manual with a magnifying glass or projector to check the way to test. Because human check the intensity of labor is big, easy to produce fatigue, eye leak inspection rate is very high. And with the development of electronic products towards miniaturization, digitalization, printed circuit board is toward the development of high density, high precision, adopt the method of artificial test, basic cannot be achieved. Circuit board for higher density and accuracy, completely unable to test. Detection means backward, leading to the current domestic laminated ( 8 - 12) The product percent of pass is only 50 - 60%. Copper foil substrate first cut to fit the size of the processing production. Substrate membrane pressure usually brush before grinding, such as micro etching method to do the copper foil board face appropriate roughening treatment, again with proper temperature and pressure will dry film photoresist or attached with it. Will post a good substrate into dry film photoresist exposure in uv exposure machine, light resistance by ultraviolet irradiation in the pervious to light film area can produce polymerization reaction, and the line on the film image transfer to the surface dry film photoresist. Tore to protective film on the surface of the membrane, membrane surface with sodium carbonate solution by the light of regional development, and blended with hydrogen peroxide solution remove bare copper foil corrosion, forming line. To light again after oxidation, aqueous solution will retire for dry film photoresist. One from the research results in the circuit board processing industry system, has not been published, but the result will be refreshing. With a strong project fund support, so researchers have the ability in the long term to change of etching device design idea, at the same time to study the effect of the change. For example, compared with conical nozzle, nozzle design USES the fan, and spray collecting chamber ( Of the nozzle in the pipe) There is also an installation Angle, to enter the etch tank artifacts in 30 degrees. Without such a change, then collecting chamber on the nozzle installation method will lead to each adjacent nozzle spray Angle is not completely consistent. A second group of nozzle spray respectively correspond to the first group is slightly different ( It said the spray work) 。 So make shape ejected solution stack or cross state. Theoretically, if the solution shape cross each other, so that part of the jet force will reduce, cannot be effectively etching on the surface of the old solution to develop and maintain contact with a new solution. In the spray surface edges, this kind of circumstance is particularly prominent. The jet force is much smaller than the vertical direction. The study found that the new design parameter is 65 pounds per square inch ( The 4 + Bar) 。 Each etching process and each has a good practical solution of the problem of injection pressure, injection pressure and for now, etching hold up to 30 pounds per square inch ( 2Bar) The situation of the above. There is a principle, namely a kind of etching solution density ( The specific gravity or baume degrees) The higher the better the higher the injection pressure should be. Of course this is not a single parameter. Is another important parameter in controlling the reaction rate in the solution of relative mobility ( Or mobility) 。
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