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The tin lead process you know

by:A-TECH      2020-05-17
PCB feature: the general design process, we speak of is its use for the alkaline etching solution if positive to negative, to the line or copper surface is black, and not part of it is transparent, in the same way after line process exposure, transparent part because of dry film resistance agent light chemistry hardening, the next development process will not wash it hardened dry film, electronic assembly processing followed by lead tin plating process, the tin lead plating in the previous process ( Development) Dry film hedge copper surface, and then to membrane action ( Remove hardened dry film) due to light , and in the next process etching with alkaline liquid bite off without the protection of a tin lead copper foil ( The part of transparent film) , the other is the line ( Black film part) - professional, reputable electronics assembly processing SMT quality printing ink, can make the words and images more clear, raw materials as A level of military materials. The quality of the circuit board core raw material stronger. Has a variety of craft, such as gold plated board, double-sided goldfinger, red, blue and white proofing, using European imports of the surface of the seven heads and drilling machine for professional circuit board processing, to great extent improve the product quality, and also use the chemical method of flange hole wall copper deposits a thin, and for 100% of the exterior of the plate inspection before they go out, to ensure product quality. The laser beam is usually printed circuit board processing machinery ( Such as milling and cutting automatic circuit board) Provide low-pressure alternatives. But uv laser has the advantages of other lasers have no, that is to limit the thermal stress. This is because most UV laser systems are running under low power. By using is sometimes referred to as 'cold' ablation technique, UV laser beam will produce a decrease of the heat affected zone, which can be used in high power laser large extent reduce edge process at the same time, the influence of carbonization and other thermal stress. There are usually negative impacts.
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