PCB Fabrication

The processing method and technology of the circuit board parts

by:A-TECH      2020-05-22
Printed circuit board ( Circuit board proofing) , mainly consists of the following circuit board processing and surface: line is as original conduction between tools, double-sided circuit board proofing in design will be another big copper surface as the grounding and power supply layer. Line and the surface is made at the same time. Dielectric layer: to keep lines and insulation between the layers, known as base material. Hole: guide hole can make two or more layers of conducting lines each other, larger guide hole is used as parts plug-in, in addition, there are the guide hole is usually used as a surface-mount positioning, fixed screw assembly. Prevent welding ink ( : not all of the copper surface to solder on the parts, so the solder area, to print a layer of copper solder material surface ( Usually a epoxy resin) To avoid the solder short circuit between lines. According to the different process, divided into green oil, red oil, blue. Silk screen: this is a necessary composition, main function is in the circuit board on the parts of name, location, box, convenient maintenance and identification after assembly. Usually PCB machining mold parts processing manufacturers is to use the following methods: 1, wash cutting processing: mainly use milling cutter for planar milling, grinding, 2: primarily with grinding wheel grinding workpiece surface. 3, planing processing: mainly workpiece surfaces with cutter for cutting processing. 4, special processing: is the direct use of electricity, such as chemical energy method for processing. 5, nc machining, mainly through digital information to control the machine tool, made by processing of relative movement between parts and tool to produce to meet the requirements, from the surface of parts processing.
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