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Repair circuit board

by:A-TECH      2020-04-27
When we are learning maintenance, we often listen to the master saying that 'practice without theory is blind practice '. This sentence shows that when learning maintenance, we should learn some basic theoretical knowledge in electronics, such as electrical principles, analog circuits, digital circuits, etc. We do not need to study in depth, but we need to understand. For example, three kinds of amplification circuit forms, several kinds of circuit feedback forms, two characteristics of operational amplifiers, etc. , which play a very important role in understanding circuit diagrams. Also, when repairing circuit boards, one should learn to detect and identify common electronic components, understand the characteristics of common electronic components and know their basic functions. For example, the most common component resistance can play a role in voltage division, current limiting, coupling, sampling, false load, pull-up resistance, pull-down resistance, timing and oscillation together with capacitance. The role of these common components should be understood. After learning these, we should also learn the skills and knowledge of circuit board running, which is what we often say about mapping circuit boards. Because a large number of our maintenance practices show that most electrical appliances have no circuit schematic diagram reference during maintenance, facing an unfamiliar circuit board, if you want to know the incoming and outgoing signals of the circuit board, you can only know how to map the circuit. The last point I want to say is that we should learn to use common instruments and welding tools, such as the most common multimeter (Pointer or digital), Oscilloscope (Analog or digital), Millivolt meter, function signal generator, etc. These are commonly used instruments for repairing circuit boards. For those containing MCU boards, logic analyzers, programming burners, etc. are also required. In addition to commonly used electrical tools, tools should also need hot air guns, welding tables, magnifying glasses, etc. Having said so much, in fact, these are the necessary knowledge and skills to learn to repair circuit boards. What I share with all my friends above is my understanding when I learned to repair circuit boards. Welcome to discuss if there is any incompleteness! Reprint, point! Progress together! !
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