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Protel shortcut keys under DOS

by:A-TECH      2021-03-31
In the process of using Protel FOR DOS, there are many shortcut keys. Mastering and making good use of these shortcut keys can greatly improve the speed of drawing. TRAXEDIT: F1: Place a pad; F2: Delete a pad; F3: Place a wire;    F4: Quick save; F5: Quickly switch to the top layer; F6: Quickly switch to the bottom layer;    F7: Break a wire; F8: Delete a line;   F9: make the current mouse position coordinate (0,0);   ALT-X: quick exit (exit without saving)   SCHEDIT: F1: place a node; F2: delete a node; F3: place a wire; F4: Quick save; F5: Shrink the window; F6: Enlarge the window;    F7: MOVE END OF LINE; F8: Delete a line;    ALT-X: Quick exit (exit without saving)    Universal shortcut keys:    HOME: Use the current mouse Refresh the screen at the center.  END: Refresh the screen. Unlike HOME, the screen position will not move.  '+, -'on the small keyboard: switch layers quickly.  PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN: zoom in and zoom out the screen.   Up, down, left, and right keys: jog the cursor.   8246 key on the small keyboard: move the cursor quickly.
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