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How to make the ink do not appear dirty spots and lint after pre-baking

by:A-TECH      2021-03-24
How can our screen printing inks have no shortcomings such as lint and dirty spots after pre-baking? This is a simple and complex problem. What causes the shortcomings of lint and dirty spots after the pre-baking of the ink? In fact? The source of dirty dots is not simply from baking. Dirty dots may already be produced during printing. The consumables used in the printing process may also cause problems such as lint. Therefore, the first step is to avoid the dirty dots caused by the operation in printing. During the baking process, the oven is prone to solidified filaments or debris sticking to the oven due to the volatiles of the ink. Therefore, to avoid the dirty spots of the baking, the oven must be cleaned regularly and the return air duct design and The filtration system is the focus of prevention design.
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