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How to create a design file and the problems often encountered when creating a design file

by:A-TECH      2021-03-25
In PCB design, we should know how to create design files and the problems that we often encounter when creating design files. Then, what are the specifics? Let's discuss them together. 1. The establishment of standard components The physical component is a plane image of the package size of the electronic device on the PCB board, and the feasibility of wiring and production process must be considered. Since the wiring needs to be routed between the two legs, the pads of the soldering component legs must have a suitable size. If the pads are too small, the hole diameter of the metallized holes will be small. If the components are surface mounted, the metalized holes As a via hole, a small aperture is not a big problem, but if the component is through-hole mounting (THM), such as DIP, the aperture is too small, it will be difficult to insert the leg of the device during assembly, and it may also cause the welding of the device. Difficulty, this will inevitably affect the reliability of the entire PCB. When the pads are too large, the layout rate will be reduced. Therefore, it is very important to give the pads a reasonable size. 2. The establishment of special components Special components are the dimensions of non-standard physical components. You must consult relevant information or perform actual measurements on electronic devices. It includes external dimensions, pad size, leg number arrangement, etc. Sometimes, for needs, a finalized circuit can be built into a library component, or the same circuit module can be built into a library component for use, so that time and effort can be saved in PCB design to get a multiplier effect. 3. The establishment of specific printed board design files After we have the logic diagram, we should describe the physical component library and PCB board shape, and then we can carry out the specific design files for a certain PCB board. This task has the following These need to be worth noting: door allocation, the door circuit is allocated to specific components, and at the same time, the number and spatial location of the components must be determined preliminarily. The establishment of exchangeable encapsulated information. The establishment of the network table.
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