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by:A-TECH      2020-12-13

Chemask® WF Solder Masking Agent is a excessive-temperature short-term spot masks that protects element-free areas from molten solder throughout wave soldering. It is water soluble, designed to be removed with open and closed loop aqueous cleaning techniques.

The black PCB solder masks could be divided into gloss and matte, matte black has somewhat bit better distinction than gloss black, however it is more easily soiled, solder mask repairing is tough. In reality, display printing and pads are nearly what you'll be able to see on the board without lighting.

Then you apply the conformal coating over the masked area. After the coating is dry to the contact, however earlier than it's absolutely cured, peel off the masks.

Chemask WF is low foaming and has no effect on deionized water system resin beds. This water-soluble formulation is steady to rosin, organic and inorganic fluxes. The first decision when deciding on a solder masks, is figuring out how will probably be eliminated. Since conformal coating is mostly hydrophobic , will probably be difficult to wash off mask beneath a coating layer. Most solder masks could be thinned with DI water to reach the optimum viscosity.

Mix carefully to keep away from whipping and introducing air bubbles into the mix. If you do, you’ll remorse it once the masks is brought to soldering temperature and the trapped gas wants to flee. The primary methods to use temporary solder masks are by hand, usually with a squeeze bottle or tube, with pneumatic system, or stenciled. Yellow solder masks is straightforward to clean, any mild-colored residue that doesn't stand out.

Since fully curing mask can take anywhere from half-hour to a full day, the curing process requires planning to avoid bottlenecking the PCB meeting course of. Using mask for conformal coating is a simple course of that requires little set-up, and no capital gear. First you apply the mask to the contact areas and allow the mask to totally cure.

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