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by:A-TECH      2020-11-09

It helps shield the nickel layer from corroding and affecting the gold layer. By using an electroless reaction, there is a chemical oxidation-discount that happens which varieties a thin layer of the nickel and palladium.

This layer of organic movie is proof against oxidation, thermal shock and wetting , which shield the copper floor from rust underneath normal surroundings. Meanwhile, it is also simply eliminated within the subsequent excessive temperature welding for better soldering. Its simple process and low price brings its wide usage in PCB manufacturing. Next is the layer of palladium for a further layer of safety.

)--Sunstone Circuits®, the main printed circuit board prototype solutions provider, has announced the addition of an in-house Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold process to its Mulino, Oregon manufacturing facility. The semi-automated line is customized manufactured by RK Fabrication and might be using chemistry by DOW Electronic Materials. By including this course of in house, Sunstone will have the ability to decrease the minimal lead time from 1 week to a 2 day minimum on PCBpro® Full Feature orders in addition to having extra control over pricing. Taking the time and easy steps to properly deal with and care for ENIG and different immersion end circuit boards can dramatically reduce defects from occurring down the road. Fewer PCB defects means lowering your PCB prices and increasing your margins.

You then have the immersion gold layer which offers superior protection and preserves the palladium. ENEPIG is called the universal surface end among PCB assembly. Instead of utilizing a typical gold plating process, with ENEPIG plating you use palladium .

When you say 'Gold', what sort of gold are you referring to - Hard, Soft, ENIG, etc? This is a extremely popular floor end as a result of it is simple to solder to and is relatively inexpensive when in comparison with Soft/Hard gold. ENIG sometimes provides $50 to the cost of a prototype project depending on the quantity and dimensions required. If you require one thing aside from ENIG the price will vary according to the kind of gold required and quantity of surface protection. As nice as this technology is for decreasing the environmental impression of printed circuit manufacturing, it's just as favorable on your bottom line.

Unlike some techniques, which improve your prices, utilizing immersion white tin doesn't mean paying more for printed circuit board fabrication or accepting a less dependable product . In different phrases, immersion white tin is a greater way to meet the objective of environmentally friendly printed circuit board manufacturing. A-TECH personal immersion gold line in home, it’s essentially the most used finish in our plant these days particularly for multilayer PCBs with BGA or fantastic pitch. We provides ENIG end with aggressive price and high degree of quality for each of thickness and appearance.

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