PCB Fabrication

Detailed explanation of basic knowledge of printed circuit board: what is pcb layout?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-27
The printed circuit board is a substrate for assembling electronic parts. It is a printed board that connects dots and prints components on a common base material according to a predetermined design. With the development of science and technology, the demand for electronic information processing of various products is gradually increasing, and new electronic products continue to emerge, which makes the use and market of PCB products continue to expand. The upgrading of emerging 3G mobile phones, automotive electronics, LCD, IPTV, digital TV, and computers will also bring a larger PCB market than the current traditional market. LAYOUT means layout planning. Generally speaking, PCB LAYOUT is the Chinese meaning of printed circuit board layout and routing. Especially when drawing a schematic diagram with PADS9.3 or allegro16.3, it is an indispensable part to understand the English of commonly used electronic components. Generally speaking, we can use the first three English letters of a part to replace a part. In PCB design training, for example: RES for resistance, CAP for capacitance, IND for inductance, etc.
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