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“turnkey” or “consigned”…which is the better choice to go ...

by:A-TECH      2020-03-04
Almost all types of manufacturing base, the demand for PCB assembly services is growing.Some customers buy complete end-to-end electronic solutions, and some customers need customized pcb manufacturing services.There are two ways to manufacture and assemble PCB.
Turnkey PCB manufacturing solutions and commissioned PCB manufacturing solutions.In the new millennium, technological trends have changed rapidly.Today, customers mainly seek a holistic approach in which the components and inputs required for the manufacturing process are arranged by the manufacturer itself and are responsible for completing the order until the PCB is delivered to the customer for safety.
For those customers who are looking for a custom electronic solution, they need to commission pcb components where raw materials are arranged by the customer, but manufacturing and assembly is done by the pcb manufacturer.With most end users purchasing cost-effective electronic solutions with high quality assurance and fast turnaround, the trend of entrusting PCB components is gradually showing negative growth.Complete turnkey assembly is preferable for high volume and small volume production and prototyping services.
According to the research, the reason why there is a high demand for complete turnkey assembly is because EMS, OEM and PCB manufacturers have an effective supply chain with a strong supplier management system.The same other reason is the economies of scale when mass PCB manufacturing, the risk of poor quality is minimized, and the latest technology is used during PCB manufacturing.When they tend to new innovations or new product launches, many even choose to do complete turnkey PCB assembly.
Therefore, the delivery of PCB according to customer requirements is the focus of the two types of PCB assembly process.For more information about the PCB assembly process, please visit domtronix.us/turnkey
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