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by:A-TECH      2020-05-29

PCB board is a lot of electronic products indispensable important configuration in the assembly process, many enterprises when purchasing products will have higher request for the quality, quality guaranteed, after all, PCB can not only optimize the electronic product performance, at the same time can also make products more perfect on the function performance can avoid all sorts of retardation phenomenon. Take a look at below judgment PCB quality of several aspects: first, judging from the appearance of PCB board in the machining process required to pass through a number of strict production to fit, from nc drilling to washing, drying, copper plating to stick at the bottom of the top lines in the film, the whole process of every working procedure will influence the whole PCB processing quality, want to judge the quality from appearance can preliminarily distinguish clearly, appearance on ink coverage in place, copper surface without oxidation phenomenon at the same time, the entire board face no deformation conditions can meet quality requirements. Second, judging from the size and thickness of the different use standard PCB will have the size and thickness of the professional standards, users in different product quality can be judged by the standard rules for testing, to see if the thickness of the PCB board size and the standard specifications, can reach the standard on the size and thickness of the product in use quality is guaranteed. The third, judging from the jointing firmly installed on the PCB, large and small, all kinds of electronic components, electronic components each have their own function, can want to ensure the quality of the whole PCB high-energy state of good use, requires that all of the electronic components welding is not easy to fall off, at the same time elements arrangement the whole order be clear at a glance, these can be used to judge the quality of the PCB related content. Because the PCB is an important electronics assembly configuration, so for use with strict quality requirements. So suggest the purchase of the user to choose quality guaranteed for ordering, professional PCB manufacturer factory not only has an automatic high quality facilities and production lines, but also on each related processing operations have strict quality control, to ensure to provide all customers high quality PCB products of excellence.                                

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