PCB Fabrication

Three design steps of PCB circuit board

by:A-TECH      2021-03-12
The following are the three major design steps of the PCB circuit board: 1. Circuit schematic design The circuit schematic design is mainly a schematic circuit diagram drawn by PROTEL099's schematic design system (Advanced Schematic). In the design process, we must fully use the schematic drawing tool in PROTEL99 to help us get a correct and exquisite circuit schematic. 2. Generate a netlist    netlist is a bridge between the printed circuit board design (PCB) and the circuit schematic design (SCH). The netlist can be extracted from the circuit schematic. 3. The design of the printed circuit board The design of the printed circuit board is mainly for the PCB. In this process, we use the powerful functions provided by PROTEL99 to realize the layout design of the circuit board and complete many difficult and challenging tasks. .
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