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The key points of printed circuit board design

by:A-TECH      2021-03-27
In the past ten years, my country's PCB manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, with its total output value and total output ranking first in the world and enjoying a worldwide reputation. The printed circuit board has gradually developed from the initial single-sided board to the double-sided board and the multilayer board, etc., and is constantly developing in the direction of high density, high precision and high reliability. At the same time, the continuous reduction of size, cost reduction, and performance improvement have enabled PCB to continue to maintain strong vitality in the development of future electronic products. At present, there are more printed wires in printed circuit boards that are widely used in electronic equipment used by everyone, but fewer printed components. If there are components and certain mechanical structural parts connected to the printed circuit board, and assembly processes such as installation, welding and coating are required, then the printed circuit board is called a printed assembly board. At present, small components, transistors and integrated circuits are widely used in electronic equipment and must be mounted on printed boards. In particular, the application of surface-mounted components is inseparable from printed circuit boards. In the PCB design process, the circuit layout must be adjusted, and the design components can be automatically installed through the layout tool. If the automatic layout can be manually adjusted, it will help improve the quality of the circuit board design. Through this measure, the design rule detection will rely on technical documents to ensure that the design of the circuit board can meet the requirements of the circuit board manufacturer. And the PCB should be moderate. If it is too large, the printed lines will be long and the impedance will increase, not only the anti-noise ability will be reduced, but the cost will also be high. In terms of device layout, the related components can be placed as close as possible, so that a better anti-noise effect can be obtained. Clock generators, crystal oscillators, and CPU clock input terminals are all prone to noise, so they should be closer to each other. It is very important that noise-prone devices, low-current circuits, and high-current circuits should be kept away from logic circuits as much as possible. If possible, separate circuit boards should be made. PCB has always insisted on using superb technical force, sophisticated production equipment, perfect testing methods, product quality higher than industry standards, and warm and thoughtful service, which has won praise and welcome from global merchants and users.
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