PCB Fabrication

The development history of circuit board processing process

by:A-TECH      2020-05-28
Called printed circuit. This is called the finished product of printed circuit board printed circuit board or printed circuit board. Circuit board according to the function can be divided into the following to the class: single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and multilayer circuit board, aluminum board, impedance circuit board, FPC flexible circuit boards, high frequency circuit boards, etc. , raw materials of the circuit board can be divided into: FR - 4,CEM- 1,CEM- 3 hanjie xuebao/transactions where V0, 94 hb, etc, this kind of material we source visible in daily life, such as fire prevention cloth, the core of the fire blanket is glass fiber, glass fiber and resin combination of easily, we put the structure compact, high strength glass fiber cloth into resin, got the heat insulation on hardening, it is not easy - bending of PCB substrate - - - - - - If the PCB broken, layered edge is white, is enough to prove that the material of plastic glass fiber. Glass fiber board high hardness, CEM - 3 plate is environmental protection circuit board, mainly for export, these products are now used in Japan and South Korea. Installed base of electronic components are referred to as the circuit board and circuit board, circuit board processing since invention, its history of more than 60 years. The development of the industry such as can not be development by leaps and bounds. Will be a bottleneck to mass-produce! Chip, integrated circuit is the food of electronic information industry, semiconductor technology reflects a country's industrial modernization level, guide the development of the electronic information industry. And the electrical interconnection in the semiconductor and assembly must rely on the circuit board. Circuit board finished product production process is: material raw materials silk screen printing patch SMT reflow soldering machine visual inspection hand wave soldering assembly packaging visual testing.
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