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Tell you what is the reason for the electroplating of the terminal

by:A-TECH      2021-03-26
At present, many electronic connectors are finished with surface treatment. The surface treatment here is generally realized by electroplating. So why use electroplating? There are two main reasons: one is to protect the terminal spring base material from corrosion; the other is to optimize the performance of the terminal surface, establish and maintain the contact interface between the terminals, especially the film control. In other words, it makes it easier to achieve metal-to-metal contact. Anti-corrosion: Most connector reeds are made of copper alloy, and they are usually corroded in the use environment, such as oxidation and sulfide. Terminal plating is to isolate the reed from the environment to prevent corrosion. The plating material, of course, should not corrode, at least in the application environment. Surface optimization: The optimization of the terminal surface performance can be achieved in two ways. One. It lies in the design of the connector to establish and maintain a stable terminal contact interface. The second is to establish a metallic contact, requiring that any surface film layer is non-existent or will be broken during insertion. There is no difference between the two forms of film and film rupture, which is the difference between precious metal plating and non-precious metal plating. a. Noble metal plating, such as gold, palladium, and their alloys, is inert and has no film itself. Therefore, for these surface treatments, metallic contact is 'automatic'. What we have to consider is how to keep the surface of the terminal 'noble. Non-metal electroplating, especially tin and lead and their alloys, are covered with an oxide film, but when inserted, the oxide film is easily broken, and a metallic contact area is established.
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