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Talking about the skills of pcb copper coating

by:A-TECH      2021-03-21
In the circuit board industry, there are still many people who don’t know what PCB copper is. Today I want to tell everyone that the so-called PCB copper is to use the idle space on the PCB as a reference surface, and then fill it with solid copper. These copper areas are filled with copper. . Copper coating is to reduce ground wire impedance and improve anti-interference ability; reduce voltage drop and improve power supply efficiency; and connect to ground wire to reduce loop area. If there are more PCBs, it is necessary to use the most important 'ground' as a reference to independently pour copper according to the position of the PCB board. The digital ground and analog ground are separated for copper pour, and it is not too much to say at the same time. Previously, the corresponding power connection was thickened, so that multiple deformable structures with different shapes were formed. The copper pour near the crystal oscillator, the crystal oscillator in the circuit is a high-frequency emission source, the method is to pour copper around the crystal oscillator, and then ground the shell of the crystal oscillator separately. At the beginning of the wiring, the ground wire should be treated the same. When routing the ground wire, the ground wire should be routed well. You cannot rely on adding via holes to eliminate the ground pin for the connection after the copper pour. This effect is very bad. The heat-dissipating metal block of the three-terminal regulator must be well grounded. The ground isolation strip near the crystal oscillator must be well grounded. In short, if the grounding problem of the copper on the PCB is dealt with, it is definitely 'pros outweigh the disadvantages'. It can reduce the return area of u200bu200bthe signal line and reduce the electromagnetic interference of the signal to the outside. With the rapid development of electronic products in the direction of portability, miniaturization, networking and multimedia, higher requirements are put forward for the surface mount technology of electronic components. Facing the future and challenges, we will welcome the 5G era with better services, provide customers with more PCB solutions and innovative display products, and develop and progress together with customers!
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