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PCB hole copper design principles

by:A-TECH      2021-03-15
With the rapid development of electronic and communication products, the amount of signal transmission has increased and the transmission speed has accelerated, making the PCB design towards high frequency, high power, and miniaturization. High signal power, high current, and high voltage are on the surface of the PCB. The degree and hole copper thickness put forward higher requirements. Speaking of this, I believe some people still don’t know what hole copper is. The so-called hole copper is a hole that requires metallization. The hole is plated with a layer of copper through electroplating, so that both sides of the hole can be connected. This layer inside the hole Copper is called hole copper. During PCB production, the copper thickness of the vias is uneven, and the copper of the partial PCB vias is too thin. As a result, the copper of the vias is broken due to thermal shock during reflow soldering, resulting in failure of open circuits. Through-hole electroplating is a very important part of the PCB manufacturing process. In order to provide electrical connections with different levels of conductive metals, it is necessary to plate metal copper with good conductivity on the wall of the through-hole. With the increasingly fierce competition of terminal products, it is bound to put forward higher requirements for the reliability of PCB products, and the thickness of the through-hole plating layer has become one of the items to measure the reliability of PCB. That is to say, an important reason that affects the thickness of PCB hole copper is the deep plating ability of PCB electroplating. With the rapid development of electronic products in the direction of portability, miniaturization, networking and multimedia, higher requirements are put forward for the surface mount technology of electronic components. Facing the future and challenges, we will welcome the 5G era with better services, provide customers with more PCB solutions and innovative display products, and develop and progress together with customers!
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