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by:A-TECH      2021-04-05
Circuit board flying probe test 2020-06-01 15:34:00 Speaking of circuit boards, there is a lot of relevant knowledge. The boards of our circuit board factory must undergo rigorous testing before they are shipped to the next related Procedures to ensure the high quality of the board. So the question is, how much do you know about the flying probe test of the circuit board? Next, let us have a deeper understanding of the flying probe test of the circuit board. Flying probe test is the latest solution to some major problems in electrical testing. It uses probes to replace the needle bed, and uses multiple electrical probes driven by a motor that can move quickly to contact the pins of the device and perform electrical measurements. This kind of instrument was originally designed for bare boards, but also requires complex software and programs to support it; now it can effectively perform analog online testing. The advent of flying probe testing has changed the testing methods for low-volume and quick-turn assembly products. The test that used to take several weeks to develop can now take a few hours, greatly shortening the product design cycle and time to market. The principle of circuit board flying probe test is very simple. It only needs two probes to move x, y, z to test the two end points of each circuit one by one, so there is no need to make additional expensive jigs. However, because it is an end point test, the test speed is extremely slow, about 10-40 points/sec, so it is more suitable for samples and small-scale production; in terms of test density, flying probe test can be applied to extremely high-density boards, such as MCM. The flying probe tester can check short circuits, open circuits and component values. A camera was also used in the flying probe test to help find missing components. Use a camera to check the shape of components with clear orientations, such as polar capacitors. With the probe positioning accuracy and repeatability reaching the range of 5-15 microns, the flying probe tester can accurately detect UUTs. Flying probe testing solves a large number of existing problems seen in PCB assembly: for example, a test development cycle that may be as long as 4-6 weeks; fixture development costs of approximately US$10,000-50,000; small batch production cannot be tested economically; and The prototype assembly cannot be tested quickly. The flying probe test is an invaluable production resource because of its ability to closely contact the shielded UUT and the ability to bring new products to the market faster (time-to-market). In addition, since no experienced test and development engineers are required, the system also has the advantages of saving manpower and saving time. On the other hand, flying probe testing also has some shortcomings. The test probe makes physical contact with the solder on the via hole and the test pad, which may leave small pits on the solder. For some OEM customers, these small pits may be considered as cosmetic defects, causing rejection. However, some high-end flying probe test equipment manufacturers have already developed new technologies. The use of 'soft landing' can avoid leaving obvious pits on the solder, and even test on ceramic chips. In addition, because sometimes the probe touches the component pins where there is no test pad, it may miss loose or poorly soldered component pins. But the flying probe test is more superior than it is. It has rapid test development, lower cost test methods, the flexibility of rapid conversion, and provides rapid feedback to designers in the prototype stage. Therefore, compared with traditional ICT, the time required for flying probe testing can be more than compensated by reducing the total testing time. The flying probe test system is still better than ever. How? Having said so much, do you know more about flying probe testing? Nowadays, the demand for PCB is getting higher and higher, and our circuit board factory has always been inspiring to provide customers with better services. We hope that all friends will visit our circuit board factory and accumulate more experience. Welcome!
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