PCB Fabrication

PCB board

by:A-TECH      2020-04-28
Gerber data, PCB board making process requirements ( Plate thickness, copper thickness, solder mask color, silk screen color, surface treatment process); PS: impedance plate needs to provide impedance value. Before making PCB, it needs to be evaluated: 1. Is GB data complete and complete? Specific information such as board making process requirements and impedance control requirements; 2. Whether the technological capability meets the design requirements, including manufacturing, electrical measurement, maintenance, etc. After making PCB, we can provide: processed Gerber data, steel mesh files, Jigsaw files, impedance test reports and PCB slice analysis reports. Our advantages: PCB board service began in 1998, with fast delivery capability and quality assurance, and can produce high-layer boards, high TG boards, HDI boards, FPC, rigid flexible boards, metal substrates, etc. Delivery date of PCB Allegro and Template: Double-sided Allegro will be completed within 24 hours, and multi-layer Allegro can be completed within 2-Completed within 5 days; Single/Double Sided (0. 6-1. 6 MM FR4)Delivery date: 3-4 days; Four-sheet (0. 6-1. 6 MM FR4)Delivery date: 5-6 days; Liu ceng ban (0. 8-1. 6 MM FR4)Delivery date: 7-8 days. Software required for PCB making: software used for converting GB data from PCB original files: Allegro, Protel99Se/AD, PADS, CAD. Software used to process GB data: Genesis 2000, CAM350, etc.
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