PCB Fabrication

Greentree Peelable Solder Mask

by:A-TECH      2020-12-17

Hence ultimately, the board could be totally coated just exposing the pads. Ground planes and energy planes are solid copper layers shorted to a hard and fast potential.

Very simply, ground planes are related to GND and power planes are related to one of your onboard voltages. Similar to routing layers, these can be located on the highest, backside or inside the internals of your board. Repeating the above selecting the suitable details you possibly can created a bottom solder masks.

Having solder mask makes soldering so much simpler and in addition prevents oxidation afterwards. But as I get away with double sided boards more often than not.

Of course this is able to not result in a proper MIL spec coating, but I would assume that it might properly serve the purpose of helping in the course of the soldering process for DIY tasks. Why not spray the ultimate board with the paint for full cowl?

When you could have a laminator, you need to use dry film solder masks as nicely. Not immune to alkali in contrast to true solder mask after publicity in UV and baking. And get an excellent room ventilation first if you do not need to get excessive.

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