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Double sided PCB test methods

by:A-TECH      2020-05-29
Double-sided PCB is refers to the two sides is the circuit board copper foil insulation is among, the current domestic PCB factory for double sided PCB testing there are three ways is a universal detection is a special inspection is another flying probe the following simple introduce these three detection methods. General detection: general detection is generally medium batch of double-sided circuit board, the first type of PCB hole on the cardboard and then drill the hole location on board general testing of pins, through a general testing equipment to test the circuit board. Detection: special inspection is usually large batch and patch special circuit board, and its steps and general detection on no testing needle is the difference between a plug in a cable through a dedicated testing machine measuring circuit board if there is a even road or a short circuit phenomenon. Flying probe test: flying probe test mainly test sample or small batch of double-sided circuit boards, first is to convert the PCB file Gerber files and drilling, and then input to the flying probe test machine to test the circuit board, the test speed is slow, the speed of the current domestic flying probe testing machine at 2000 / minutes.
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