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Brief analysis of the actual operating procedures of wave soldering machine

by:A-TECH      2021-03-19
The wave soldering machine has been widely used in production, but how to operate the wave soldering machine is the most correct method. I believe many people still don't understand. Next, I will introduce the general operating procedures of the wave soldering machine.  1 Preparation work a. Check whether the ventilation equipment equipped with the wave soldering machine is good; b. Check whether the timing switch of the wave soldering machine is in good condition; c. Check whether the tin bath temperature indicator is normal. Method: Adjust the temperature indicator up and down, then use a thermometer to measure the temperature 10-15 mm below the surface of the tin bath to determine whether the temperature changes with it: d. Check whether the preheater system is normal. Method: Turn on the preheater switch, check whether it is heating up and the temperature is normal; e. Check the working condition of the foot cutter. Method: Adjust the height of the blade according to the thickness of the printed board and the length of the remaining component leads, then tighten and stabilize the blade holder, turn on the machine and visually check the rotation of the blade, and finally check whether the safety device is malfunctioning; f. Check whether the supply of compressed air to the flux container is normal; method: pour the flux, adjust the intake valve, and foam the flux after starting the machine, use the sample printed board to adjust the foam to 1/2 of the thickness of the board, and then Tighten the intraocular pressure valve, do not move this valve during the formal operation, just turn on the air intake switch; g, after the above procedures are all normal, the required various process parameters can be preset to the relevant positions of the equipment on.  2 Set the tin pot temperature and preheating temperature to the process requirements and turn on the electric heating switch. 3. Fill the flux storage tank with a certain concentration of flux. 4. Adjust the air pressure and flow rate of the spray tank to make the best spray effect. 5. Adjust the chain claw speed to the technological requirements. 6. Adjust the chain claw opening to the same width as the printed board. 7. When the temperature reaches the set value, start the tin pump and transfer the printed board for welding. 8. After welding, turn off the power and clean the job site.   Note:    This is just a general procedure for using the wave soldering machine, and specific problems should be analyzed in daily use.
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