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Top Ten Precautions for PCB Imposition

by:A-TECH      2021-04-07
Top Ten Precautions for PCB Imposition 2020-08-31 15:40:00 1. The outer frame (clamping edge) of the PCB jigsaw should adopt a closed-loop design to ensure that the PCB jigsaw will not be deformed after being fixed on the fixture; 2. PCB Panel width ≤260mm (SIEMENS line) or ≤300mm (FUJI line); if automatic dispensing is required, PCB panel width×length ≤125mm×180mm; 3. The PCB panel shape should be as close as possible to a square, and 2×2 is recommended 3×3, ……Jigsaw board; but don’t make it into yin-yang board; 4. The center distance between the small boards is controlled between 75mm~145mm; 5. When setting the reference positioning point, usually set aside the ratio around the positioning point Its large 1.5mm non-resistance area; 6. There should be no large devices or protruding devices near the connection points between the outer frame of the panel and the internal small board, and the small board and the small board, and the components and the edge of the PCB board There should be a space greater than 0.5mm to ensure the normal operation of the cutting tool; 7. Four positioning holes are made in the four corners of the frame of the jigsaw, with a diameter of 4mm±0.01mm; the strength of the holes should be moderate to ensure that the board is in the process of loading and unloading. It will not break; the hole diameter and position accuracy should be high, the hole wall is smooth and hairless 8. Each small board in the PCB board must have at least three positioning holes, 3≤aperture≤6mm, and no wiring or paste is allowed within 1mm of the edge positioning hole Pieces; 9. The reference symbol used for PCB positioning and fine-pitch device positioning. In principle, the QFP with a spacing of less than 0.65mm should be set at its diagonal position; the positioning reference symbol used for the imposition PCB daughter board should be Used in pairs, arranged at the opposite corners of the positioning elements;
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