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Talk about copper clad process matters needing attention in the design of PCB circuit boards

by:A-TECH      2020-05-19
PCB circuit board or PCB, can also be referred to as the printed circuit board, printed circuit board. Electronic assembly processing PCB circuit boards using insulation board as the base material, typically used to replace traditional device electronic chassis, achieve mutual connection between the electronic components. For professional PCB circuit board design, copper clad is the key link, is particularly important. Below to introduce the process of copper clad matters needing attention. A copper clad, is unused space on PCB as datum, then filled with a solid copper, the copper copper area is known as irrigation. The meaning of the copper clad is, reducing ground impedance, improve the anti-interference ability; Lower pressure drop, and improve the power efficiency; Connected to the ground, but also can reduce the loop area. Also out to keep as much as possible when PCB welding deformation, the purpose of most of the PCB manufacturer will ask PCB designer in open areas of the PCB who or ground grid, copper clad if processes improper, it will not reward, copper clad is 'not do more harm than good' or 'do more harm than good'? 1, PCB in more cases, can be different according to the position of PCB board face, respectively, as a benchmark reference copper and independent, to distinguish the digital and analog. Can also be used to zero the resistance or magnetic beads or inductance to the single point of connection of different connection. 2, because the circuit of crystals for high frequency source, so near the crystals of copper clad need around copper crystals, crystal vibration after the shell need shall be grounded. Island problem can add a hole, but not all can be so, need to be realistic. 3, don't have sharp Angle appear on board ( '= 180 degrees) , because in terms of electromagnetism, it is composed of a transmitting antenna, the effects on other there will always be a just big or small, small make up recommend the use of circular arc edge along the circuit board processing. 4, laminated layer empty expanse of wiring, do not apply the copper. Good because it's hard to do you make the copper clad 'grounding' 5, equipment internal metal, such as metal heat sink, metal reinforcement bar, must achieve 'well grounded'.
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