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Professional circuit board after processing, antioxidant, thermal shock and the characteristics of moisture

by:A-TECH      2020-05-22
Electronic assembly processing observation method needs to check the appearance after receiving circuit board processing. If serious wear and burned appearance, will be electricity to test whether the circuit board can be normal connection. Economy of the circuit board processing and maintenance organization will be the first to check whether the circuit board processing is someone for traces of damage, and then you can help for the follow-up maintenance. In SMT chip processing, reduce the surface tension of the molten solder, flux and promoted the expansion of the solder and flow. When removing solder on the surface of the oxide, flux will happen some chemical reactions. Heat release during the process of chemical reaction and the activation energy can reduce the surface tension, reduce the degree of the melting of the solder, for metal surface activation energy at the same time, promote the growth of liquid solder. For the surface of the weld metal flow, this increases the surface activity, thus improve the wettability of solder. Electronic assembly processing professional circuit board after processing, has the oxidation resistance, thermal shock and moisture. Under normal circumstances is not easy to rust, oxidation or sulfide. This method can make the clean bare copper surface in a very short period of time with molten solder together, immediately to become solid solder joints. All assembly means only SMC/SMD on the PCB surface, there is no THC. Due to the electronic equipment at this stage has not been fully used in SMT, so almost no this assembly method in specific applications. This type of PCB assembly method is usually in the fine line pattern or ceramic substrate, using fine pitch to finish assembly equipment and reflow soldering process.
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