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Printed Circuit Board Surface Finish Types And Comparison

by:A-TECH      2020-09-05

Typical ENIG specs are defined by IPC Specification for Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold. The Nickel thickness must be in the vary of 3-6 µm, which is enough to forestall penetrability by way of to the base layer of Copper. ultimately, it too will diffuse to the surface of the Gold and trigger the same solderability issue, it simply happens at a slower price than Copper). One of the only instances a customer ever had points with solder joint high quality. This follow is not going to prevent any uncovered copper from continued oxidation, nevertheless it actually helps.

With OSP coated circuit boards, what is the most allowable time interval between reflow of the primary and second sides to insure proper wetting. Van der Pas, “Selecting the Right Final Finish for RoHS PCBs”, Printed Circuit Design and FAB, March, 2007.

Elements that may be difficult to source on a constant basis are used in different finishes, such as ENIG or HASL. Additionally, it uses less water and chemical substances in the application process. The Immersion Tin finish is not very sturdy, due to this fact, PCBs with Immersion Tin finish should be handled with warning.It provides a constantly flat surface roughly micro inches in thickness. Generally talking, and with all different components being equal, Electrolytic Nickel/Gold is the most expensive PCB surface end.

The more important concern is concerning the high quality of the coating process. Proper thickness, correct quality controls, proper curing cycles and so forth. All of that contributing to permitting it to survive that first re-move cycle and give you good solderablity and wetting. You in all probability have a fairly broad window by way of the timing to your second re-move.

Typical thicknesses are u” of nickel adopted by 5 u” palladium after which 1-three u” gold. There is a price premium over ENIG but the advantages may far outweigh the value increase.

We are dedicated to offering our customers essentially the most superior expertise, quality and engineering support out there. These supplies protect the base copper of the PCB till it may be assembled into an electronic. Without this specialized coating, the PCB can’t type the necessary connection that permits it to make digital devices work. As an electronics manufacturer, you need the solutions to these questions when you count on your merchandise to work appropriately and serve your prospects.

However, some purposes do require the Electrolytic Nickel/Gold floor finish. CircuitsNow is a leading supplie of top quality Printed Circuit Boards offering Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Multilayer Flex.
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