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by:A-TECH      2020-04-23
If you still think that PCB design and technology are all tough guys who don't understand the amorous feelings, then let the following circuit board designs, which can be called works of art, subvert your concept. Young people do not limit imagination. When the sparks of art and technology meet, we have to say that we will shine our eyes, smile, or be 'cool! Graffiti wind synthesizer graffiti wind circuit board, turn all potentiometers on the circuit board (potentiometer)Can create a wonderful sound; Gieskes' website also has many interesting works, and he also sells some results through online stores. Classical wind vacuum tube clock classical style vacuum tube clock, in addition to beautiful winding, the circuit board also briefly introduces the vacuum tube clock and its operation principle. The more common vacuum tube clock will be placed in a wooden or metal shell, and this work makes the vacuum tube clock look completely different. Idol wind circuit board? Put Lincoln's portrait on the circuit board? No problem ~ Will take us President Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) The Avatar is put into the circuit board design, the author may have his personal reason. . . Or maybe it's just that the function of winding is to draw a portrait like Lincoln to complete? Skull pattern mini synthesizer skull pattern mini synthesizer is completely different from another mini synthesizer circuit board style of street graffiti in front; The row of skeletons juxtaposed on the circuit board is the keyboard of the synthesizer, oscillator (oscillator)The spacing is controlled by the level of skin contact. The imaginative circuit board design designer printed two paragraphs on it, imagining that if archaeologists dug up this circuit board in the future, how would they interpret this kind of 'cultural relic '? I have to say that the designer is really imaginative. The board of love! The board that pours love, your core circuit board can look like a heart! The circuit board that can be used as jewelry can be used as a circuit board of jewelry. This is a wearable circuit board design. It is not only cool in shape but also can be used as an accessory; The circuit of this PCB can drive a luminous array of 16 LEDs, and can be charged with the 12 mini solar cells above. If you don't want to stand in the sun for too long, you can also charge with a USB cable. The circuit board with beautiful painting style uses the audio plug adapter circuit board drawn by software tools. With the correct tools, you can not only make the circuit board fully functional, but also look more beautiful. This is a pumpkin PCB developed by low voltage labs. Besides its lovely shape, it is also printed with lovely patterns; This circuit board has LED bulbs on it, which allows you to put pumpkin lights on Halloween. Don't worry that candles will be blown out by the wind . . . . In fact, it is also very tasty to use it directly as a decoration! Substrate girl! The pattern on the development board of the 'base plate girl' with thick sun and wind is not printed, but composed of winding and grounding plane. . . Otaku, are you excited?
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