PCB Fabrication

How to choose the right PCB supplier

by:A-TECH      2021-03-24
As a customized material, PCB board plays an important role in PCBA. In order to improve the quality of PCB board, it is necessary to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with suppliers, and try to choose suppliers with good reputation in the industry. When the supplier recognizes, the sample is qualified as a prerequisite, and it is also necessary to understand the supplier's process capability, key process control points, inspection capabilities, product yield, and problem solving capabilities. Design communication is very important. Especially in the early stage of cooperation, it is best to conduct technical communication on each project, and then form some special cooperation specifications between the two parties, which can greatly shorten the project questioning cycle and reduce the occurrence of common problems. Communicate with the PCB factory to set up a reasonable warranty period. Generally, the validity period of the OSP board is 6 months, and the validity period of the global gold board is 1 year. However, as mentioned above, due to the bonded factor, many PCBs will be stored in warehouses in Hong Kong and other places for a period of time. Due to poor environmental control, it is easy to cause quality problems. Therefore, the recommended validity period is 3 months for the OSP board and 6 months for the chemical gold board. As the shelf life of PCBs is shortened, it is more necessary to arrange the inventory cycle reasonably to avoid PCB backlogs in the warehouse. Once there is a storage overdue, it will involve baking and heavy work, which will bring unnecessary trouble to the cooperation between the two parties.
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