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What Is The Standard Pcb Thickness?

by:A-TECH      2020-09-18

when there are components mounted on a flex region of a inflexible-flex board, and that flex layer extends from a mid-layer within the inflexible part of the board. Each stack that is versatile will need to have theIs Flex choice enabled in the Layer Stack Manager, so that required flex bending properties could be applied. Note that flex bending is defined by putting a Bending Line across the flex region (Design » Board Shape menu), check with the Defining Board Regions and Bending Lines article for extra data.

Each region is called and assigned a layer stack in the Board Region dialog. The dialog could be accessed by double-clicking on region in theLayer Stack Regions mode of the PCB panel, or by switching to Board Planning Mode and double-clicking on the area of interest within the workspace.

Each separate zone or area of a rigid-flex design may be made up of a unique number of layers. To achieve that you simply need to have the ability to define a number of stacks, referred to as substacks. If you require the board layer stack to be symmetrical, allow the Stack Symmetry checkbox in the Substack Properties section of the Properties panel. When this is accomplished, the layer stack is instantly checked for symmetry across the central dielectric layer.

Use this feature if an outline has been imported from one other design software. Switch to 2D Layout Mode (View » 2D Layout Mode) then use the command in the Design » Board Shape sub-menu. The layers within the layer stack type the space on which you build up the design. There are a number of design duties which might be associated to the layers that are not performed within the Layer Stack Manager. These tasks are summarized under, with hyperlinks to extra data.

The Layer Stack Manager is used to define the board structure within the vertical, or Z direction. Defining the board in the horizontal, or X-Y direction, is completed by first defining the overall board shape. If it is a rigid-flex design, the shape is then divided into the required zones or board regions. Once the board areas have been outlined, every region is assigned a layer stack. Defined from chosen objects - usually carried out from a top level view on a mechanical layer.

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