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Pcb Solder Mask, Mask Options, Colours & Impact

by:A-TECH      2020-12-11

If you expertise foaming, it is a sign that both too much mask material is being passed again into your cleaning system or it is interacting with dissolved flux in the identical wash water. This is mostly solved by replacing your wash water with contemporary DI water, however a defoaming agent can be added as a stopgap answer. Another potential space of concern is whether or not or not the masks is curing within the tank. If the masks skins over in the tank, and those cured items are drawn through, it could clog the dispensing tip.

Pressurizing with nitrogen might help alleviate this downside. If there's skinning in the tank or within the original mask container earlier than the material is transferred, it is very important remove the cured materials, not mix it into the mask.

In a pneumatic dishing out system, the mask is pressurized with both compressed air or nitrogen and compelled out of a allotting tip or needle. A excessive shear curing mask experiences accelerated curing when pressure is utilized. As the masks is pressured by way of the dispenser, stress will increase, which will tend to clog the tip or needle.

Washable masks is engineered to be removed in an aqueous inline or batch wash system. If you might be utilizing a closed-loop system, which filters and recirculates wash water, be sure to use a masks that is appropriate with your physical filters and ion beds.

The masks tends to stay to the within of the via-holes, and may push out the opposite aspect and mushroom out. This creates a plug on the opposite facet, which increases the chance of breakage when peeling off the cured masks. You squeeze the bottle to apply the masks to the areas that need protection.

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