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Frequent problems in PCB drilling production

by:A-TECH      2021-03-31
When we drill the PCB, everyone knows that there is a cover on the substrate to protect the PCB surface from indentation, not only to reduce burrs, but also to prevent slippage on the copper surface during the drilling process. In addition, not all PCB drilling uses the same cover plate. That is to say, different PCB drilling hole sizes need to choose cover plates and backing plates of different thicknesses. So what problems do we have when drilling? The editor will give you a brief explanation. 1. Prevent the deviation of the hole position, that is, the drill bit will deviate during the drilling process or the cover material is not suitable, the base material will expand and shrink, causing the hole position to deviate, and resonance will occur during the operation of the drill; the spring chuck is not clean or Damaged; production board, panel offset hole position or entire stack position offset; drill bit slips when it touches the cover plate. 2. Avoid missing drilling holes. The broken drill nozzle is not clearly marked or suspended in the middle, the program is deleted unintentionally, and the drilling rig fails to read the data. 3. The main reason for avoiding the cracking is that the drill tip is severely worn, there are debris between the substrate and the substrate, and the substrate and the bottom plate; the substrate is bent and deformed to form a gap. At present, the design hole diameter needs to be enlarged during the production of mechanical drilling. The spray tin plate needs to be enlarged by 0.15mm. The gold plate needs to be enlarged by 0.1mm. However, it should be noted that while the hole diameter is enlarged, this kind of hole will reach the circuit and copper. Whether the distance between the skins can meet the processing requirements must be considered. If the pads cannot be increased by the CAM engineers due to the spacing issues, the board cannot be processed and produced. The above are the problems that often occur in PCB drilling production. In actual operation, more measurements and inspections should be performed, and production should be strictly carried out in accordance with the specifications. This is also a great benefit to controlling the quality of drilling production failures and improving product quality. Improving production efficiency is also of great help. PCB independently developed a CRM online ordering website platform. The platform can realize a series of convenient functions such as pricing quotation, self-ordering, uploading documents, online payment, discounts, production progress inquiry, printing forms, after-sales consultation, etc., hurry up and enter our official website to understand Details.
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