PCB Fabrication

three methods of pcb assembly

by:A-TECH      2020-02-27
PCB or printed circuit board is a device used to connect electrical equipment and electronic components in machinery.
It uses a conductive path etched from a copper sheet, which is laminated in a non-
Conductive substrate.
It costs more to make a pcb than to make a simple wire
Packing or pointto-
Point circuit, but for the cost of mass manufacturing, the cost will soon be recovered as the pcb becomes the most expensive circuit
Valid parts used.
You will find PCBs in most electrical equipment in your home, such as computers, game machines, I-
Pods, TV and so on.
There are multiple PCB assembly methods for creating these basic items, as shown below.
Surface mount assembly the technology appeared in his 60 s, became more and more popular in his 80 s, and was widely used in his 90 s.
There are metal labels on the assembly that can be welded to the board, and it is now common to have components on both sides of the board, which means higher circuit density is possible.
Assembly or plating of traditional depth
Hole technology is a method of PCB assembly that involves connecting components with leads that are inserted through holes on the board.
This technique results in a strong bond on the board, but due to the large amount of drilling required, PCBs made in this method may be more expensive. Box-Build, Electro-
Mechanical Assembly this can include the manufacture of pcb using custom metal products, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and looms, and molded plastic.
You may not be aware of this, but the pcb is in most of the electrical products you have and without the above assembly technology, your X-
The box or laptop will be in serious trouble.
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