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The use of glue will exacerbate remelting process since the alignment of the component

by:A-TECH      2020-05-26
Stick floor installation components: multi-layer reflow soldering, have been used for many years, here in the first place in the side printed wiring, installation components and then return, and then turn to the other side of the circuit board processing in order to save more money, some process to eliminate the relatively flexible fan on the side, on return the but at the same time, under the surface, a typical example is the next surface printed circuit board, only a small component such as chip capacitor and resistor, due to the printed circuit board ( PCB) Design is becoming more and more complex, more and more components installed on the bottom surface is very big, therefore, drop during reflow soldering of components become a big problem. If after improving the following three factors still exist component drop phenomenon, should use it. SMT plug-in processing manufacturers share SMT adhesives, obviously, the use of glue will exacerbate remelting process since the alignment of the component. In order to ensure the quality of plug-in components, in addition to self-examination by plug-in personnel, personnel must check whether there is also a standing under the incorrect parts, missing parts and the inversion of the upper stand parts. Finally a plugin station operators to conduct a comprehensive visual inspection. In order to avoid artificial leak, some factories to increase the function of automatic on-line optical detection, can detect test station before inserting the component is abnormal insertion. Electronic SMT repair is performed in the process of SMT assembly repair of simple technical activities, therefore must choose safe and reasonable SMT repair method and appropriate accessories. Security means that it is not easy to destroy and repair some components and adjacent components, also means that it is not easy to damage the practical personnel. Before the return to the maintenance department, therefore, must be for technical and safety training for operators. Repair and maintenance of SMT inertia is considered by the operator is a kind of manual processing technology. In fact, high aspect ratio of qualified inspection personnel must also rely on gadget repair to completely repair has repair SMA products. As is known to all, in order to satisfy the smaller, lighter and more economic electronic products, many electronic devices are using a small, high precision assembly of electronic devices, such as integrated circuit, BGA, etc.
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