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The spraying technology of PCB solder mask ink

by:A-TECH      2021-03-31
From the development of my country's 5G communications, the low Dk/Df materials for 5G communications are mainly sheet materials, followed by solder mask inks. From the perspective of domestic PCB ink manufacturers, automotive electronics PCB solder mask oil, IC package substrate solder mask ink, and solder mask dry film technology are still far from the world's advanced level. For the spraying technology of solder mask ink, there are screen printing, electrostatic spraying, low-pressure spraying and other technologies. Screen printing requires a large number of skilled screen printing talents, which is the most ink-saving coating method; automatic screen printing machines are more suitable for large-volume plates. Electrostatic spraying technology is very mature and can save a lot of labor. Both prototypes and batch boards are applicable, but the ink consumption is large, the equipment is relatively expensive, and the maintenance cost is high; low-pressure spraying technology has many areas to be optimized and improved, and the ink consumption is large. , But the advantage is that the equipment is relatively cheap and the maintenance cost is low. Whether low-pressure spraying technology can become the mainstream coating technology remains to be seen. Therefore, manufacturers who have not yet clearly understood this aspect need to choose carefully. However, inkjet printing solder mask ink is a relatively slow development process. Judging from the research results of a large number of companies in the past few years, a considerable number of companies have not continued. The full application depends on the progress and development of ink raw materials and equipment. There are very few types of materials available for inkjet printing and solder resist inks, and the accuracy and efficiency of the equipment need to be improved. Of course, I always believe that it can be realized one day, and the node will develop rapidly at a certain time in the future. The above is the PCB solder mask ink spraying technology summarized by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to everyone; PCB proofing, always give back to our customers with high-quality products and perfect services. The company will continue to maintain its reputation and become a world-renowned PCB proofing service provider as soon as possible. Let the Chinese PCB proofing brand go to the world,
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