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pcb assembly

by:A-TECH      2020-02-27
PCB assembly means connecting an electronic component to a printed circuit board.
Pcb is used to mechanically connect and support electronic components using conductive paths, traces or tracks that are laminated from non-
Conductive substrate.
After the PCB is completed, electronic components can be connected to produce printed circuit components.
The lead of the element is inserted through the hole in the PCB, and in the surface mounting structure, the electronic element is placed on the land or pad on the outer surface of the printed circuit board.
The component leads in both structures are then mechanically fixed to the PCB with a soft metal melt solder.
There are a wide variety of technologies for installing elements on printed circuit boards, and most very high mass production is usually produced by machine placement and batch wave soldering or reflow furnaces.
Sometimes, very small parts are manually welded using very skilled technicians under a microscope.
This is achieved by using tweezers and very fine welding tips.
Some parts, such as ball grid array packaging, are not possible by hand welding.
Typically, surface mounting and penetration through the pore structure must be combined on a single printed circuit board, as some of the required electronic components can only be used in surface mounting packages, while others can only be used in the piercer.
One reason to use the above two methods is that the surface mounting technology takes up less space and is largely not under pressure, the mounting through the hole can provide the required strength for any part that may withstand any physical pressure.
When a printed circuit board or PCB has been manufactured or filled with the required components, it can be tested in a number of different ways, which may include: o power-on;
Function test, check whether the PCB is being designed to turn on the power supply;
In circuit testing, physical measurement of power off;
Visual inspection and automatic optical inspection of power off;
Simulation feature analysis, power failure test some printed circuit boards can apply a shape-preserving coating by dipping or spraying after welding the assembly.
The coating provides a protective layer that helps prevent corrosion and leakage current caused by condensation.
The assembled pcb is sensitive to static electricity and is usually placed in an anti-static plastic bag for handling and transportation.
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