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How to do in circuit board processing production electrostatic protection

by:A-TECH      2020-05-20
Along with the development of The Times, the progress of science and technology, the hard disk heads and related technology constantly updated, constantly developing, now more single disk capacity of up to 30 gb of hard disk, on the market at present the mainstream of the hard disk capacity in 30 gb - too Between 40 gb. Personally think that, if you want to choose and buy computer hard disk, hard disk capacity to around 30 gb. Why such advice, mainly because now both in office software and game software, the interface is more and more glaring, its function is more complete, more and more powerful, because of this, they are also far from a few GB memory can meet, if choose not to choose a larger capacity of the hard disk, the late will be not enough. If it is a multimedia enthusiasts or producer, advised to choose a more large capacity hard disk, like 40 gb - Between 50 gb, so as to ensure adequate SMT circuit board processing memory for use. Respond to electrostatic sensitive devices called electrostatic sensitive components ( SSD) 。 Electrostatic sensitive device is mainly refers to very large scale integrated circuit, especially the metallized film semiconductor ( MOS circuit) 。 According to the SSD scale, according to different SSD device, different electrostatic protective measures. The static electricity in electronics manufacturing: the activities of the human body, with clothing, shoes, socks and other objects, the friction between contact and separation of static electricity is one of the main static power supply in electronic product manufacturing. Human body electrostatic device is to produce hard ( Soft) The main reason for the breakdown. The electrostatic voltage generated by human activities is about 0. 5 - 2KV。 Other air humidity had a great influence on electrostatic voltage, if also rise in dry environment one order of magnitude. Table 2 for relative humidity on the relationship between the charged to human activities. Touch the ground after the human body charged, will produce discharge phenomenon, the body can produce different degree of shock response, the degree of reaction called shock sensitivity. Static electricity is a kind of power, it saved on an object's surface, is the balance of positive and negative charges in the local scope as a result, is formed by the transformation of the electrons or ions. Electrostatic phenomenon is in charge of produce and disappear in the process of producing electricity phenomenon. Such as friction electrification phenomenon such as electricity, the human body
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