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Basic knowledge of circuit board repair

by:A-TECH      2020-05-19
Circuit board repair maintenance is a new industry. The automation of industrial equipment is more and more high, so the number of industrial control board in a wide range of industries is also more and more, industrial control board damaged, replace the circuit board the required fees ( Little thousands of yuan, many thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan) Also become the enterprise very headache thing. In fact, the damage of circuit board in the vast majority of domestic can be maintenance, and costs just to buy a new piece of 20% 30%, the time is also more than foreign fixed plate time is short. Basic knowledge of circuit board repair under - is described below Circuit board processing. Almost all of the circuit board maintenance without drawing materials, so a lot of people are skeptical of circuit board maintenance, although all kinds of circuit boards differ in thousands ways, but the same is each circuit board is composed of integrated blocks, resistor, capacitor and other components, so the damage of circuit board must be the result of a damaged one or several components, circuit board maintenance is established based on the above factors. Circuit board maintenance is divided into two parts inspection and maintenance, including detection occupies very important position. For each device on the circuit board repair check test of the basic knowledge, until find replace bad thing, then a circuit board is fixed. In PCB enterprises, the main is COD exceeding and heavy metal pollution, but these two kinds of pollution are controllable. COD water can control pollution emissions, and then through the processing of sewage treatment facilities be conform to the standard of water body. And heavy metal pollution is also can easily get rid of the conventional method. As for other kinds of pollutants, the emission of PCB enterprise does not exist. And even said circuit board processing enterprises to the emissions of pollutants, its pollutant emissions compared with other enterprise also is very small. The COD emissions, for example, only one over ten of other enterprises. PCB enterprises, therefore, the pollution problem is very low, and controllable, no need to worry about at all. Circuit board testing is the circuit boards of each electronic component fault finding, identifying and correcting process. Actually the whole detection process is the process of thinking process and provides a logical reasoning test, so the test engineer must be in the process of circuit board maintenance, testing and maintenance, gradually accumulate experience, and constantly improve the level. General electronic equipment is composed of tens of thousands of components, when maintenance, repair, if by directly one by one each of test circuit board components would be very time consuming to find the word of the problem, is also very difficult. So from fault phenomenon to the cause of the problem accordingly type way of repair, is a kind of important method. Circuit board if detected the problem, so the maintenance is easy.
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