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Hard Gold Plating Vs Enig

by:A-TECH      2020-11-03

The main advantage of this technique is low value, as ENIG plating is a cheap process and it additionally helps to make wire bonding less complicated. However, Aluminum wires require a larger bond pad pitch, as they're less flexible compared to the pliability of Gold wires, especially for applications which might be prone to vibrations. One thing is planning on utilizing a surface finish; the other thing is fastidiously choosing the suitable floor end that perfectly suits your project. Several choices have been mentioned but did not rule out the cost of every possibility. In your best curiosity, it would be cool if you take a look at your project first before deciding on the type of surface end.

Compared with ENIG, ENEPIG expertise was utilized in PCB fabrication as early as 1980s. However, ENEPIG wasn't been massively used and popularized because of its excessive price and merchandise' low requirement by way of floor finish.

“Clean” is the starting point with cleansing off natural contaminants corresponding to oil or fingerprints, to not get the copper foil floor contaminated before application. For the best results and performance, the cleaning course of must be checked as often as possible. If it doesn't preserve the standards for cleanliness the performance of the application will be negatively affected. This floor end is rising in recognition as a result of an increased curiosity in lead-free strategies and nice pitch solutions. As with all the floor finishes we’ve in contrast so far, there are a number of benefits and disadvantages.

At current, the necessities of miniaturization, thinness and a number of functions give extra opportunities to ENEPIG. The surface just isn't fully degree, so this can cause issues with small elements. And if reducing the quantity of lead you employ is essential, you might need to select Lead-Free HASL as an alternative. Below are 5 forms of PCB surface finishes, together with their benefits and downsides.

In situations whereby you're on a low budget, it is advisable to go for a floor finish like HASL, but in going for the HASL, you have to remember that the HASL is not acceptable for ROHS-compliant product. • A good wetting all through the method of joining or soldering parts. • It is a kind of surface end that's pocket-pleasant; that is, the cost is low. The utilization of palladium is able to decreasing the thickness of gold layer, which downsizes the price by 60% compared with ENIG.

It is a really particular floor finish and as you'll be able to see has several cons associated with it. But for probably the most half, OSP is a superb choice for an natural solution for your floor finish. The manufacturing course of for OSP is easy as seen in the picture above.

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