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How to purchase Teflon PCB ?
Generally, we adopt both traditional and up-to-date methods of selling our Teflon PCB . One is offline sales which need the help of agents and distributors. It is still a prime way for purchasers to get the products they want but it takes a long time. The other is selling online. More and more companies including us are realizing the potential of reaching their customers by selling directly online now. We've established our own website which covers all the necessary information about our company introduction, product advantages description, purchase ways, and so on. Customers are welcome to contact us and place an order directly. Regarding teflon PCB, we have several raw material in stock like Rogers 4003C, Rogers 4350B, Arlon TC350, Taconic RF35, TLX-8 etc.

As a fast-growing company, A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the development, design, and manufacture of PCB manufacturing China. A-TECH's pcb manufacturing series contains multiple sub-products. Compared with existing technologies, the single-sided PCB has advantages of single layer pcb. It is extremely popular in the markets of Europe, North America, and Asia. With good ventilation, the product can disperse feet sweat out to enhance comfort and coolness, hence prevent feet odor. The product has dynamic and mechanical stability.

Professional personal and team development is the goal that we strive for. We work hard to offer our employees the tools and resources to improve themselves. Welcome to visit our factory!
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