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How many people in A-TECH R&D department?
At A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd., there are about five people in the department of research and development. They are always busy developing new products and PCB technology to ensure that there would be new launches onto the market per year and per quarter. They are well educated and well experienced. They are a team gathered for product development and are a team with many awards. They enable our company to maintain the shares in the market and sustain the business in the industry. They are the source of innovation and growth.

Known as a famous company that specializes in the production of osp pcb, A-TECH has gained a good market reputation. A-TECH's osp pcb series contains multiple sub-products. Our osp pcb features in enig pcb finish. It has increased power densities which guarantee its long service life. This product is able to fit people's feet well. And it can significantly help protect their feet, legs, and joints. It is 100% produced in accordance with IPC-6012 & IPC-A-600F standards.

Our company is working hard to reduce the impact of our activities and of our products on future generations. We make full use of the sourced resources during the production and extend the products' life. By doing this, we have confidence in building a clean and pollution-free environment for the next generations. Inquiry!
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