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How can I visit A-TECH factory?
If you can't find a way to our factory, please ask our customer service department for a detailed path. With the increasing popularity of the popularity and the influence of the industry, more and more customers come to our factory for field visits. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes customers to visit our factory.

A-TECH has been considered as a competitive manufacturer of enig pcb finish, with years of expertise in design and production. A-TECH's pcb manufacturing series contains multiple sub-products. A-TECH's single-sided PCB is chiefly characterized by its fine workmanship and single layer pcb. It is 100% produced in accordance with IPC-6012 & IPC-A-600F standards. The product is beneficial for people. It can lessen foot fatigue and relieve foot pain, as well as help with recovery of plantar fasciitis and abnormal foot pronation. 、特色句

We have established a supervisory mechanism that is consist of members of our company to supervise and direct our behavior. This mechanism can guide our behavior to be environmental-friendly. Inquire now!
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