Electronic product assembly and commissioning process

by:A-TECH      2020-05-26
Welding assembly, welding assembly method is mainly used in between the components and the PCB? 吗? 吗? Connection, conductor, the connection between the PCB and the connection between the PCB and PCB. Its advantage is that performance is good, high mechanical strength, compact structure, less defect is detachable sex. Wire wrap assembly: wire wrap is single strand wire with high speed wire wrap gun around the edges ( Rhombus, square or rectangular) On the terminal of the electrical connection in the method. Because of the high speed wire wrap guns ( About 3000 r/min, the tensile strength of the wire is strong, make the wire on the left terminal angular produces strong pressure and friction, and can destroy its geometry, appear on the surface of high temperature and make the two produce compound crystal metal surface atomic diffusion. 1. Westwood glue, PVC glue: also called cefuroxime feed, is made solvent, four hydrogen cefuroxime feed made from PVC material, toxic, flammable. For plastic and metal, plastic and wood, plastic and plastic glue joint. PVC glue in the production of electronic equipment, mainly used for plastic insulated wire bonding into line and adhesive product packaging aluminum foam. The cementing process is characterized by fast curing, pressurized heating is not required. 2. Epoxy resin adhesive: mainly based on epoxy resin, adhesive made from joining filling agent. 吗? 3. Alternating anaerobic sealant: sex is methyl acrylic ester adhesive, glue is low intensity, used to need to remove the early parts of locking and sealing. It has positioning is even faster, permeability is good, has the certain relay and sealing glue, does not affect cementing a dismantled and the original performance, etc. Pressure welding assembly: cold weld and hot-pressing pressure to connect two, now widely used in cold weld. Is using high pressure extrusion pressure and displacement of metal, touch the foot or the connector terminals with wire connection. Pressure to the tools used are crimping pliers. The feet or end welding wire end into the contact in the compression force is obtained reliable connection. Pressure foot and welding is specially used to connect devices of the wire, there are a variety of specifications to choose from, there are a variety of dedicated for the corresponding crimping pliers. 吗? Pressure welding technology is characterized by: simple operation, adapt to various environment, low cost, no pollution and pollution. Existing deficiency is: the contact pressure of contact resistance is bigger, applying pressure because of the operator is different, the quality is not stable, therefore cannot be used on many dots pressure welding method.
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