Why A-TECH osp coating pcb is priced higher?
Along with the guaranteed (quoted) prices being a little higher, A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. offers more in terms of the level of service or the product features. We emphasize much on rigorous high quality production of osp coating pcb. We wish to provide you with the best service and benefits in the industry. Our prices are not set in stone. If you have a pricing requirement or a desired price point, we will work with you to meet those pricing requirements.
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A-TECH is one of the key enterprises of national pcb manufacturing industry, whose leading product is PCB manufacturing China. A-TECH's main products include single-sided PCB series. The production of A-TECH PCB manufacturing China involves the following concepts: medical device regulations, design controls, medical device testing, risk management, quality assurance. It has low water absorptivity in the damp environment. It is not vulnerable to moisture. Its materials have been treated with some damp-proof agents, making it not prone to the water conditions. It has increased power densities which guarantee its long service life.
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We aim to conduct all our activities within a framework of good corporate social responsibility (CSR) so that we may go above and beyond the obligations have to our business partners and our employees.

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