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wholesale China blind vias pcb plated Suppliers top supplier

wholesale China blind vias pcb plated Suppliers top supplier
  • wholesale China blind vias pcb plated Suppliers top supplier
  • wholesale China blind vias pcb plated Suppliers top supplier

wholesale China blind vias pcb plated Suppliers top supplier

All manufacturing processes and test procedures of A-TECH blind vias pcb are strictly overseen by our professional workers who are equipped with the know-how for the sanitary ware industry. It is popularly used in wall cladding, door frame and door handles, handrail, sculpture, and elevator & escalator decoration, etc
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Via In Pad (VIP) technology refers to the vias in SMD pad or BGA pad due to small space for layout, in order to avoid the solder paste flow into inner layer or the other side in assembly production, basically this type of via need to be plugged with resin and plate copper over to cap the via to make it invisible.

Via in pad technology is widely used in high density PCBs, especially for the PCBs that require a limited BGA space and are focused on heat transfer and high speed design. Although blind holes and buried holes help increasing density and save space on the circuit boards, through holes are still the best choice for thermal management and high speed design elements.

The advantages of Via In Pad technology

● Suitable for fine pitch BGAs
● Improved thermal dissipation
● Provides a flat, coplanar surface for component attachment
● Leading to higher density of PCBs and promoting space saving
● Overcomes high speed design issues and constraints.
● Meets closely packed placement requirements.

The Via In Pad technology is defined in IPC standard with IPC-4761 VII

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A-TECH manufactured lots of multilayer PCBs with Via In Pad designs Both in BGA Pads or in other SMD Pads, we’re able to plugged vias fully and then plated copper over to make the surface of pad as flat as other pads without dimples.

A-TECH blind vias pcb is extracted under highly scientific methods. It will go through the gravity separation process, floatation process, magnetic separation process, or chemical separation and purification. It is also widely used in the aviation industry due to its added strength without adding too much weight
A-TECH blind vias pcb is carried out by our designers who aim to deliver fun, safety, function, comfort, innovation, capacity, and ease of operation and maintenance. The product is super easy to clean and maintain
A-TECH blind vias pcb is manufactured adopting CNC machines. Programs for the CNC machines are created in advance by our dedicated CAD/CAM specialists working with the latest equipment. It has passed the standards of AISI, ASTM, GB, and DIN
A-TECH press fit pins pcb is produced under up-to-date technology. From the textile fiber screening to the quality inspection stage, nanotechnology, supercritical fluid extraction technology, and plasma technology are applied. It will not result in stains which can affect the surrounding clean area
The production process of A-TECH press fit pins pcb complies with the green principle by using sustainable construction raw materials and resources and reducing solid waste, and consumption. It comes with different surface treatments such as hairline, mirror, or bead blast
This product has good durability and is suitable for long-term use and storage. Featuring reusability, this product is environmental-friendly
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