What are the precautions for use of the circuit board processing?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-16
1. Look at the ceramic material parameters. Due to circuit board processing ceramic substrate as the support of this circuit board, the actor bad of character of the material in a certain extent on the performance of the circuit board processing and service life have very important influence. Quality assured circuit board processing should be choose chemical stability ( High temperature resistant, resistant to strong acid and alkali) And high thermal conductivity with many good quality ceramic substrate material for production, the parameter information by consulting or view about specific product manufacturing instructions. 2. The circuit board processing and fine workmanship. Because the circuit board processing belongs to the precision of the circuit board components, in a small area of the ceramic plate on millions of resistance capacitance element, the electronic circuit board processing requirements of high quality yuan the distance between all has the strict request, tightness of bonding, and so on, of course, the appearance of the circuit board processing high flatness, edge smooth, things also its processing quality. 3. Through the trial. Circuit board processing is a big advantage for its thermal performance is good, which ensure the high pressure resistance, and durable. Consumers make circuit board for a period of time, and then cut the power to stop the work, tests the temperature and current velocity, the whole circuit such as the temperature is too high, explain its thermal performance is bad, not good quality of the circuit board processing. 4. By understanding circuit board processing factory information. Circuit board processing of manufacturing production factory, has a larger scale, there are many formal qualifications, often means that its production and manufacturing is formal, strict production process and requirements, the selection of material also is assured, this just shows that it is through the quality certification of the circuit board processing; At the same time, of course, to know more about circuit board processing corresponding brand reputation and has a user evaluation, both information, often to a certain extent, also can directly show the quality of the circuit board processing. Circuit board processing is a use of a new type of conductive ceramic powder and adhesive produced by circuit board, the advantage of the products in the several years of development is still good using effect, and in a more superior thermal conductivity has become the necessary equipment of various electronic products, in the family life of residents play a crucial role, and the use of the circuit board processing for our profound impact on the harmonious development of electronic chips, want to make the circuit board processing use, must pay attention to the following content. 1. Pay attention to heat pretreatment before welding line. Ceramic substrates when use according to the real need for heat treatment, which is due to the circuit board processing by laser processing only by reasonable way of pretreatment, can make the circuit board processing temperature more even. So consumer is buying use reputable circuit board processing, welding line should be as far as possible avoid thermal stress caused by temperature difference is too large, when welding heating in advance, to ensure the welding line processing circuit board processing has better electrical performance. 2. Shard processing size should be as far as possible to reduce error. Fragmentation process is an independent division of circuit board processing an operation, so the fragmentation process should pay attention to the circuit board processing line crack direction and small deviation between substrate. Consumers to purchase PCB processing during product design, should consider the factor of error, and according to the deviation of fragmentation, ensure each unit after the fragmentation size more conform to the specifications of product design.
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