What are the precautions for the packaging of PCB circuit board factories?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-12
Packaging is the last process in the production of PCB circuit boards, and is usually the process that is the least concerned. Domestic PCB factories have fierce competition. In addition to the quality of the products themselves, the quality of the packaging must be satisfied by the customers. Professional PCB circuit board factories have corresponding specifications and requirements for shipment packaging. So, what are the precautions for shipping and packaging of PCB circuit board factories? 1. Precautions for shipping and packaging: 1. Vacuum packaging is required; 2. The number of plates per stack is limited by the size that is too small; 3. The specifications of the tightness of each stack of PE film coating and the regulations on the margin width; 4. PE Specification requirements for plastic film and bubble cloth; 5. Carton weight specifications and others; 6. Is there any special requirement for buffering before placing the board inside the carton; 7. After sealing, the tolerance rate specification; 8. The weight of each carton is limited. 2. Vacuum tight packaging process: 1. Preparation: Position the PE film, set the PE film heating temperature, vacuum time, etc. 2. Stacking board: When the number of stacked boards is fixed, its height is also fixed. At this time, how to stack it must be considered to maximize the output and save the material. The following principles are as follows: (1) The spacing between each stack of boards depends on the specifications of the PE film, using the principle that it becomes soft and elongated by heating, while vacuum is sucked, and the board is covered and pasted with the bubble cloth. The spacing is at least twice the total thickness of each stack. (2) The distance between the outermost plate and the edge is at least twice the plate thickness. (3) If the quantity is large, use a packaging method similar to soft board to mold the container, and then make PE film shrink packaging. 3. Startup: The heated PE film is led by the pressure frame to drop and cover the table; then the bottom vacuum pump sucks air and sticks to the circuit board, and sticks to the bubble cloth; after the heater is removed to cool it Raise the frame; after cutting the PE film, open the chassis to separate each stack. 4. Packing: If specified by the customer, the packing specification shall be followed; if not specified by the customer, the packing specification shall be established based on the principle of protecting the board from damage caused by external forces during the transportation process. 5. Other precautions: (1) Information that must be written outside the box, such as material number (P/N), version, period, quantity, important, etc. (2) Attach relevant quality certificates, such as slices, weldability reports, test records, and some test reports required by customers. The above are the precautions for the packaging of PCB circuit board factories. How much do you know?
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