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The Medical Product Outsourcing gallery showcases the services of the medical device contract service provider.
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Is a fully integrated, FDA-registered contract manufacturer of Class I and Class ii disposable medical devices certified by ISO 13485: 2003, specializing in fluid management.
From product design/prototyping to sterile packaging of finished products, ASI is the complete resource for contract manufacturing of high-quality medical disposable products. www.
Advanced Science. com [
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AMTEC we aim to meet or exceed your special requirements by providing the best quality contract manufacturing services including: laser Marking, coding and engraving, pad stamping, heat transfer, plasma treatment and ultrasonic welding.
Let\'s be your reliable object.
Make your company a more competitive and profitable source manufacturer. www. amtecinc. com [
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CNC o medical devices is a contract manufacturer specializing in precision machining.
Quality is the key to Swiss lathe, EDM and CNC milling machine as well as inspection, Assembly/packaging and inventory management.
Our expert team of Manufacturing Engineersin-
Work hand in hand with customers.
Astro medical devices is a trusted name in the field of medical device manufacturing. www. astromedical. com [
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Aubrie Group Medical Device Technology Co. , Ltd.
Located in Irvine, California, he specializes in the design, development and manufacture of electronic and electro-mechanical medical equipment.
Services include electronic design, system engineering, software and mechanical engineering, V & V, compliance testing, FDAsubmission, prototype and flexible contract manufacturing.
The company is FDA-
Registered manufacturer and ISO 13485 certified.
Our website provides a description of the company, a list of recent customers, projects, our engineering and manufacturing services, and our contact information. www. aubreygroup. com [
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Bit group a mec group & messer world company bit Group offers instrument contract product development, manufacturing and after-sales service
Provide more than 30 years of sales service to medical, diagnostic and biotechnology customers worldwide.
This company is the first one.
Complex medical device manufacturers that provide development, manufacturing and on-site services and complete fda quality certification.
The latest developments in BIT Group\'s exclusive platform technology increase the company\'s flexibility in customizing and reducing designto-cost and time-to-market targets. www. bit-instruments. com [
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Braun OEM Division
Braun Medical
Providing complete manufacturing capabilities, focusing on class II and Class iii medical devices in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and surgical markets.
The company provides services throughout the life cycle of medical products, including project management, design and prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, private labeling, sterilization and quality control.
Contact Information B.
Free phone number for Braun OEM Department: 866-8-B.
Brown or visit www. bbraunoem. com. www. bbraunoem. com [
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Coeur OEM is a state-of-the-
Art designers and contract manufacturers in medical and commercial markets.
In addition to manufacturing and assembling its own proprietary production line, the company also offers a full range of services from the design, molding, extrusion, assembly and packaging of medical devices.
Coeur OEM also offers 510 (k)
Submit materials and disinfection services to the medical market. www. coeurinc. com [
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Design includes heat crossing (410A)
Provides Hands-
Free lamination solution for short to medium length.
This system traverse multiple
Insert the hot nozzle into the laminated or welded conduit shaft along the specified length.
An easy-to-use emotional control keyboard allows the user to enter precise values of length, speed, and temperature.
Various customizable options are available, including product tightening and clamping. www. beahmdesigns. com [
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COMDEC Incorporated Comdec Incorporated offers printing and marketing solutions for your products.
Our machine Department (SMI)
Produce high precision pad presses for specific needs.
If you choose to outsource, we are a complete service contract with a controlled environment.
Please contact Chris Blanken cblanken @ comdecinc. com www. comdecinc. com/medical. html [
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Command medical is an FDA/ISO registered contract manufacturer whose core competencies include custom assembly and packaging of disposable MEDICAL devices.
Coupled with internal tube extrusion and RF Welding, competitive assembly and packaging services are available in our clean rooms at our Florida and Nicaragua plants. www. commandmedical. com [
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Innovative Solutions for Donatelle manufacturing [TM]
Donatelle specializes in providing highly personalized and responsible contract manufacturing for medical devices.
By leveraging the power of collaboration, we help our customers achieve shorter time-to-market, stronger product design, and effective product launches.
Donatelleoffers offers a full range of features--
From manufacturing design (DFM)
Risk analysis and process validation based on sterilization management and manufacturing expertise. www. donatelle. net [
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The experience of conductive technology companies in producing high-quality conductive circuits has made them the largest circuit-based sensor manufacturer in the United States.
These electronic devices are used in the fields of medical diagnosis, environment, agriculture and industrial markets.
Conductive Technology also holds a number of patents for rfi/EMI shielding devices based on printed and made flexible materials. www. conductivetech. com [
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EtQ relief for medical devices is an integrated quality and compliance management system
Can meet the needs of the medical device industry.
The modules of EtQ are tightly integrated to provide first-class solutions, including corrective actions/precautions, compliance handling, risk assessment, nonconforming products, document control, etc. www. etq. com [
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COVIDIEN Covidien OEM and customized product solutions are committed to providing high-quality medical and customized engineering products to the medical devices, pharmaceutical, consumer, rehabilitation and industrial markets.
Covidien OEM leverages the different manufacturing capabilities of 67 manufacturing plants worldwide to provide our customers and partners with a single source of customized product design and development, it is also one of the most extensive standard products in the medical device industry. www. covidien. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsFLUORTEK, INC. Fluortek Inc.
It is a newly certified ISO 13485: 2003 company serving more than 25 years in the medical device industry.
The fluortek plant in Easton, Pennsylvania covers an area of over 45,000 square feet, including a 100,000-class comparable controlled extrusion, component assembly and inspection area.
With extensive engineering and R & D support, Fluortekis is your Med sourceTech solutions. www. fluortek. com [
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Roberts from Harkey.
Roberts produces plastic components and connectors for disposable medical equipment, including flow equipment, medical valves, needle-free valves, conduit and tube valves, tubingclamps, closures and hand pumps.
Products of various colors and materials.
Certified by ISO 9000/13485;
Manufactured according to gmpstandard. www. HalkeyRoberts. com [
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IBS Integrated. Bio.
Existing scientific products and equipment include class I and Class II medical equipment, disposable supplies and automation equipment.
Provide complete contract manufacturing services for Class I and Class II medical devices.
Able to design, manufacture and operate automation equipment for the production of these devices. www. ibiosci. com [
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Helix MEDICAL has been serving the MEDICAL devices, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries since 1984.
Registered medical device facilities certified by ISO 13485 and ISO Class 7 and class 8 clean rooms.
Manufacturing operations in North America and Asia include liquid injection, extrusion, compression/transfer molding, insertion and two-
Injection molding and packaging. www. helixmedical. com [
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Cadence siontech is a Cadence company that produces key cutting, piercing and conveying system components and sub-components
Components of surgical instruments.
The products include surgical blades, professional needles, sleeves, sleeve needles, surgical knives, scissors, paper cutters, biopsy punches, sharpened tubes and bones.
Cutting, piercing, and delivery system solutions provide better performance for equipment OEMs. www. incisiontech. com [
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Holmed Corporation has more than 40 years of engineering experience in surgical device design and OEM manufacturing.
Our full time CADengineers translate concepts into final design and manufacturing drawings.
We have solid knowledge of design, materials and tolerances and the quality required by surgeons and hospitals today.
We offer standard products that can be used as is or we can modify our products according to your requirements. www. holmed. net [
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ITI | Instrument Technology Co. , Ltd.
Instrument Technology Co. , Ltd. (ITI)is an ISO-compliant,FDA-
Registered manufacturers of endoscopes, video mirrors and other optical and mechanical equipment.
ITI Medical helps OEMcustomers at every stage from design and prototyping to long-term development
Regular manufacturing of large production operations. www. scopes. com [
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Intermed OEM from concept to production, Intermed-
OEM will bring your products to market quickly.
Features include industrial design, injection molding, machining, assembly, filling, packaging and sterilization.
We offer \"Best of Both Worlds\" in contract manufacturing solutions: domestic or foreign
The Coast of 24x7U is manufactured and assembled. S. based and off-
Provide customers with cost-effective, high-quality solutions. www. intermed-oem. com [
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Motion automation
Kinematic Automation is a leading provider of automated manufacturing systems in the medical industry.
Founded in 1980, the company enjoys a high reputation for providing high-quality, reliable systems and superior support.
Sports expertise includes precision web processing, liquid distribution, film cutting and slitting, high-speed assembly, visual inspection and related processes.
Kinematic also provides a wide range of systems for the development and manufacture of rapid diagnostic test strips and kits. www. kinematic. com [
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For 25 years, Invetech has been at the forefront of the breakthrough
Through product development and contract manufacturing of equipment, instruments, consumables and automation systems.
With experience in over 5,000 projects, we serve leading medical devices, clinical diagnostics, life sciences, drug discovery and pharmaceutical companies. Our in-
The housing team of 220 professionals provides excellent and fast serviceto-
The market is generated at competitive costs. www. invetech. us [
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2008 century quality LaVezzi Precision, Inc.
Is specialized in complex, burrs-
Free, high-precision machining of components and implants with tolerances. 000040\".
Multi-surface parts are processed with the latest technology, including 5-
9-axis Swiss CNCs, C-axis and y-axis CNC lathe, 5-
CNC machining capability of shaft, full C
Shaft CNC grinding and Agathon centerless grinding machines and rolling grinding machines for cutting tools such as drill bits and burrs.
Parts are delivered as required on the requested date. www. lavezzi. com [
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Johnson Matai processes, draws, rolls and forms nickel-titanium, platinum and platinum metals (PGM\'s)
, Titanium, enhanced customer specifications.
JM has fine wire;
Tubing and marking tape; Sheet & Foil; JM-Clad TM (Alternate Core)Wire; and Hypotubes.
Including micro processingMachining and EDM; Laser Cutting;
Centerless grinding/precision customized processing; andCoatings.
Johnson Mattel also offers-in-
Customer Delivery Time
Special stock and special order parts stock. www. jmmedical. com [
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Medical Extrusion Technology Co. , Ltd.
In the field of medical extrusion technology, we provide solutions to your challenges through innovative extrusion technology.
Our charter is to provide our customers with quality products within a favorable time frame;
Pipe service for fast delivery.
For a quick quote, please consult us on your high-tech biomedical application. www.
Drug extrusioncom [
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Virtue Technology Group Co. , Ltd.
Virtue Technology Group Co. , Ltd.
It is a leading global manufacturer of medical devices with factories in New Jersey, Connecticut, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Singapore.
As ISO certified manufacturer of 13485: 2003 and fdaregisered medical devices, the company provides complete manufacturing services for the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology industries. www. medtech-grp. com [
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MPC development resources: drafting, design, material selection, prototyping, interior machinery workshop, custom equipment manufacturing, pilot manufacturing.
Manufacturing Resources: complex manual assembly, bonding, flipping, lamination, molding, welding, etc. M. P. C.
Quote 8000 square meters. ft.
Controlled environment for general purpose manufacturing, 2000 square feet. ft.
Flow hood for development projects, cleaning applications and portable clean room.
Certified by ISO 9001 and 13485. www. Modified polymer. com [
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MEMRY company
Provide knowledge of key materials and products, design engineering support, status-of-the-
Arts processing and manufacturing services.
The company is a single-source supplier of forNitinol products and components. Memry Corp.
Recently acquired Putnam plastics. www. memry. com [
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NDH Medical Company works together for life
It is a contract manufacturer of disposable medical devices.
The NDH specializes in customized extrusion, offering single and multi
Co-tube lumen tube
Extrusion, tapered pipe and packaging are provided in a variety of medical grade thermoplastic materials.
Wire and coating (
Continuous and discrete length)
Injection molding, insert molding, tip molding, punching, printing and packaging services, and turnkey manufacturing and inventory management are also available. In-
In order to reduce the lead time of the project, the design and manufacture of housing tools can be carried out.
The number of runs from R & D to mass production runs can be easily accommodated. www. ndhmedical. com [
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Minnethinking thinking medical system Minnetronix is a medical equipment outsourcing company specializing in the design, manufacture and support of electronic products.
Based on medical devices.
Minnetrx\' x experienced team provide expertise for equipment such as cardiovascular system, point-of-
Medical diagnostic instruments, therapeutic equipment, implant equipment and monitoring equipment.
Minnetronix is ISO 13485: 2003
Certified, anFDA-
Registered contract manufacturerwww. minnetronix. com [
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Noblitt & Rueland is a leader in professional consulting experts on FDA and ISO related issues such as GMPQSR-
QSIT, iso13135: 2003, audit, Submission (510(k)
, IDE, CE Mark)
Design control and risk management ((SO 14971)
Risk analysis, software quality assurance, software compliance audit, independent verification and verification, electronic record keeping (Part 11)
Software development, electrical safety (IEC 60601-1)
483 and warning letter assistance and expanded-house training. www. fdaconsulting. com [
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Norman Noble
Norman noble Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. --
Contract manufacturers of medical devices and factories whose processes include laser processing and welding, rotation, EDM, 7-
Shaft profile milling, nitinol shape setting, and prototype services. www. nnoble. com [
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OMNICA product development integrated medical product design and engineering.
R & D services.
Design control compliance and regulatory documentation.
Realistic CAD rendering and animation.
Fully equipped cnc prototype and model making shop.
Everything from concept to manual Medical Product Development
To produce.
Full 28
Employees perform all major services within the following timehouse. www. omnica. com [
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Norwood Medical is committed to solving the complexity of the design and manufacture of medical devices and implants.
We offer solutions to increase the marketable nature of our customers\' products through a unique combination of resources and talents: medical industry knowledge;
Advanced technology;
Vertical integration capability;
Innovative thinking. www. norwoodmedical. com [
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Orchid plastic surgery Solutions Co. , Ltd. orchid plastic surgery Solutions specializes in providing implants, devices and innovative technologies for the following markets: Reconstruction, Trauma, spine, sports medicine, orthopedics, limbs, dentistry and
The company\'s ten contract manufacturers offer a range of implants and instruments within five core capabilities of design, forging, machining, plastics and coating. www. orchid-orthopedics. com [
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Okay, industrial.
Okay, industrial.
, A full-service contract manufacturer that produces complex metal stamping parts, components and surgical blades for the medical device industry, specializing in the production of complex components0.
0002 \"the use of foreign metals and alloys;
Titanium expert.
Provides R & D, design, project management, tools, rapid prototyping and mass production services.
Proprietary CNC-
Grinding-based technology enables cutting edges to be generated with minimal cutting force. www. okayind. com [
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Hi Parker HTG
Parker Technology Group Corporation provides services to medical device companies produced in fdaregisered, with ISO 9001: 2000 and 13485 certified facilities equipped with ISO 7 and 8 clean rooms.
Capabilities include liquid silicone injection molding, thermoplastic injection molding, medical grade silicone extrusion, medical device manufacturing, mechanical and electrical device assembly, material solutions, packaging and sterilization services, and prototyping and production tools. www. parker. com [
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Peridot performs well in the manufacture and assembly of complex medical/surgical components and equipment with an area of 32,000 square feet. ft.
New expansion facilities including class 10 k clean room. Full-
Service manufacturer partners providing In-
Laser processing, EDM, CNC Swiss lathe, CNCWireforming, etc. ISO 9001-
2000 and ISO 13485-
2003 registration, www. peridotcorp. Or call 925. 461. 8830. www. peridot. com [
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POTOMAC Potomac is pleased to introduce the BioFAB 1000 MB laser system.
This state-of-the-art tool will revolutionize the development and production of medical and biotechnology products as it can accommodate up to 6 different lasers and is able to process materials of almost any size less than 1 micron
In addition, it can be quickly configured to process tablets and tubes with built-in
High performance microscope in realTime check. Please call (301)459-
Please visit our website for more information. www. potomac-laser. com [
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Phillips plastic is good at the design of various molding processes, and Phillips\'s designers have brought
Perspective of concept stage.
In addition to the four FDA-registered facilities, there are over 100,000 square feet of facilities dedicated to medical manufacturing, and you have a complete solution. www.
Philippine medical model. com [
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Precision Medical Products Co. , Ltd.
Precision Medical Products Co. , Ltd.
, Representing more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture, assembly and packaging of medical equipment, including various metal processing, plastic forming technology, laser engraving, ultrasonic welding, calibration of electronic components and temperature control, leading global suppliers of pharmaceutical and medical devices.
We produce equipment and needs for cardiovascular, orthopedic, dental, drug delivery, ophthalmology and general hospitals.
Our latest capabilities, apatent-
The pending process of plastic to film simulation molding has a wide range of applications.
Precision medical products have state-of-the-art manufacturing technology under one roof, including ISO: 1345 certified clean room. www. pmp. net [
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Pilgrim Softwareis a world-
Provide Leading Enterprise compliance and quality management software solutions to global organizations in the medical device industry.
Pilgrim\'s website
This-based solution can help medical device organizations ensure product safety and compliance, reduce manufacturing costs and improve customer satisfaction.
For more information, visit www. Pilgrimage softwarecom www. Pilgrimage softwarecom [
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Proven process medical devices are experts in the design, development, validation and manufacturing of Class II and Class iii therapeutic and diagnostic devices.
As our name suggests, we insist on a process that has proven successful since its inception in 1994.
Our concept of the custom SM turnkey service enables us to deliver real value through any step of the project. www. provenprocess. com [
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Ranfac is recognized for its ability to work with healthcare professionals in developing instruments that provide solutions for new and emerging needs.
As a single source organization, the size and breadth of our business enables us to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and the requirements of medical device companies. www. ranfac. com [
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Professional medical device implantation--Instruments--
Class 10,000 clean room packaging.
SMDspecializes focuses on a complete spinal implant system, a small bone graft system, and customized orthopedic instruments.
SMD is a full-service manufacturer from prototype to full production.
Smd \'sexpansive in-
Internal features include: ultra-precision CNC-
5-Swiss thread processing
Vertical Shaft milling, EDM, titanium Anode Oxidation, avalanche implant cleaning process, heat treatment, laser marking, Anode Oxidation, electric polishing and anode oxidation.
Material: titanium, stainless steel, cobalt chrome and peek.
FDA registration, ISO 13485: 2003 certification. www.
Professional medical care. com [
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Sanbor Medical is a Medical institution in the United States. S.
Contract manufacturer with a cost effective, high quality, FDA registered production facility in China.
In our class 100,000 clean room, box construction with full service, medical devices and assembly and packaging of disposable equipment are available.
There are also pcbassem and plastic forming parts.
It has passed iso13135 and IS09001 certification. www. sanbormedical. com [
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Summit Enterprise Services
Is a leading outsourcing provider of customized inventory management, customer service, distribution, logistics and order fulfillment solutions in the medical device and biotechnology industry.
At the summit, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive specialized outsourcing services in the industry, enabling our customers to control costs and ensure compliance, running water and maximizing profits. www. Summitateate. com [
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SMC molding and manufacturing of a department of SMC Co. , Ltd. SMC Ltd.
It is a global contract manufacturer in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Hotels in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, California and India are over 500,000 square feet. ft.
Committed to large quantities, small batch of medical manufacturing.
Services include engineering design, molding and equipment assembly.
Systematically control responsibility for project integration, supply chain security, validation, packaging and labeling, and disinfection.
Facilities: iso13135 and class 7 clean room environment are provided. www. smcltd. com [
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Symmetrical Medical Company
Symmetrical medical care (NYSE:SMA)
Is a leading supplier of implants, devices and shells for plastic surgery device manufacturers.
We also design, develop and produce these products for companies in the fields of arthroscopic, dental, endoscopic, laparoscopic, bone formation, spine, etc in the medical device market, provide specialized products and services for the aerospace market. www. Rymedical. com [
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It is a pleasure to offer the new Yulex [R]
Natural rubber latex balloons for medical balloons and balloon catheter lines.
From the desert Bush Guayule, Yulex [R]
The balloon provides the surface physical properties of the Hevea latex, without the protein associated with the type I allergic reaction found in the Hevea latex. Yulex[R]
The material needs to have warning labels related to natural rubber latex, but there is no direct risk to patients with type I allergy. Contact 888-techdev (8324338)
For other information and examples.
TechDevice has passed ISO 13485 certification and is registered with FDA. www. techdevice. com [
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Triangle triangle is a leading manufacturer of surgical implants and medical devices with special expertise in electric manual tools.
Our medical manufacturing group works with our customers to develop the industry\'s state-of-the-art products for the orthopedic, ENT, skull, trauma, rehabilitation and sports medicine markets. www. trianglemfg. com [
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Alimdiam medical to spec * on time alimdiam Medical is a contract manufacturer serving as an OEM for endoscopic/arthroscopic, dental/orthodontic, orthopedic and vascular.
Deepdiam medicine provides comprehensive information and manu-u. s-
Provide solutions to our customers with market advantages.
These solutions include proprietary alloys, unique manufacturing processes, manufacturing design, material selection/development, rapid prototyping, integrated component processing, tubedrawing/forming and assembly. www. Diamond Medical. com [
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